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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesdays ~ January 30, 2013

This past week I stopped by a small pond to see if any ducks had wintered over. Not a one was in sight, only beautiful reflections. I like this reflection. No, that's not zebras reflecting in the water it's a black iron fence. About the time I started taking pictures, I heard the loudest squawking!  I looked across the way and here came the ducks. They had seen me and thought I had bread to feed them. I didn't and therefore they weren't too impressed with me. They seemed a little lost, wondering what to do now!!  The lady brought no bread!
It was amazing to see such a variety of ducks. My favorites were the ones with the little tufts on their heads. They looked like they were wearing their Sunday bonnets.


They watched me for a while and then started swimming off.
Then they turned around and came back.

They swam to the left...
and they swam to the right.
I never did figure out who was their leader, but they sure knew how to follow.  They stuck so close together that I couldn't get a picture without cutting off half of a duck.

Except of this one and all I could get was his backside!

I spent a good while walking by the pond and just watching their hilarious antics!!  They reminded me of myself when I can't seem to get focused! I just spend the day rushing off in that direction and then back in another direction.  Maybe I need a leader!!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Ramblings!

I'm tired today. I've pretty much sat here with my computer on my lap and read blogs. I did spend some time changing up my blog a little. I did some decluttering by moving many items to the bottom. Several blogs I visit have changed up their look and that made me want to do the same. Since I've been decluttering the house and cleaning up the yard, I might as well clean up my blog.

We've had several physically hard days in a row, so I'm taking it easy. You may have read about our ice/snow storm and the damaged cedars having to be pushed down. We lost one huge pine tree and seven rather large cedar trees. What does that create? A huge mess to be cleaned up!  We started Friday and have hauled, cut, and burned for four days, minus the time we spent in church on Sunday. Neither one of us are spring chickens and I'm feeling the effects of the work!  Not so much sore, just tired. We have accomplished a lot.
There's not anything good about loosing trees. The cedar trees were planted by Mr. H and our son when he was young. Yeah, it was sad to see them fall!  I was fine until it was time to cut the biggest cedar into pieces for burning. Made me shed a few tears. Not only were they sentimental, but I enjoyed their lovely green year round.  I wish you could have smelled the ceder as they were sawed into pieces. It was wonderful. It was also fascinating to see the heart of the cedar; beautiful rosy colors surrounded by faint yellow.
As I was throwing limbs on the fire, I saw this heart-shaped log. It was like a last little love sign from the cedars.  We planted them, we nurtured them, and they grew to be well of 30 feet tall. The center that was rosy turned to white  and the outside that was pale yellow turned black. I thought that was quite interesting, I would have thought it would be the other way around.
I think one of the reasons I may be so tired and drained is because it was so hot yesterday.  It was over 70 degrees!  Between the temperature and the heat from the fire, it was extremely hot! 
We really worked hard!!
Well, uh...yeah I know, that's my feet propped up.
I did work I promise!
See my muddy boots!!
And, that's my little green cart and my pink gloves!

On another note, the guys came out and hooked up our new gas stove. We bought it to keep us warm if our power goes out again.  Isn't it pretty and doesn't it look toasty warm.  Oh right, I just said it was a 70 degree day.  We did have a fire going but only for a minute, long enough for me to take a picture.

It looks like winter inside with the stove, but look what I found outside! My jonquils are blooming! My Japonica bush is blooming!  As I said before...WHERE IS WINTER???  Do you know what the bugs, mosquitoes, ticks and such will be like if we don't get some freezing weather!!  Unthinkable misery is in our future!!
I am concerned about our weather today. When it's 70 in January in Arkansas it's a given that severe weather will be in the picture.  The map below doesn't look to promising. The wind has picked up considerably and part of the state is now a under a tornado watch. I'll be keeping a close eye as it sweeps across the state
I know this was just a rambling kind of post.
Hope you don't mind.
I wish each of you a great week.
I'll be praying for those of you that may have some bumpy weather coming your way.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ January 27, 2013

I'm a nostalgic person.  I love things that are old, well used and loved.  When I redecorated an extra bedroom I went for the vintage look.   I call this room my "nostalgia room."  I've decorated with items that belonged to my grandmother, my mother, and myself.  Yes, I'm old enough to have antique items that have always been mine. I also searched flea markets and antique stores looking for other items.

When I read this week's prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk, they make me think about things that are vintage, so I went hunting in my "nostalgia room."

The prompts were:

There are rows and rows of lace on my bride doll which is over 50 years old.
A little bling still remains in this vintage necklace.

Little birdhouses made of wood hanging from a bookshelf.
Not antique, but I have a lot of birds in this room.

My first teddy bear is still soft and fuzzy.
He's a Cubbi Gund bear made in the 1950's.
I found my name stitched on this linen fabric handkerchief.
This is not my normal style of photography,
but it was enjoyable roaming around my room,
picking up my treasures,
taking photographs of them.
It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.
Tony Fisconti

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesdays ~ January 23, 2013

Slipping on my mud boots is still an everyday occurrence if I want to go for a walk in the woods. Even thought the sun is out, the recent wet weather has left everything muddy. Since I've been missing the sun, due to overcast and gloomy skies,  I decided to look for light as I trekked through the woods. I knew there would patches of light filtering through the tall trees. I only had to keep my eyes open and find them.

When I'm out walking, I'm always looking for something unusual, either in shape or color. I looked up and there was light creating shadows on this spiny seed ball of the American Sycamore tree.  The color is ordinary, the shape is ordinary, but add the light and you have a little bit of beauty in the rather dull winter woods

I'm fascinated by the curlicues that wandering vines make. It's like this little vine is growing in circles searching for something to cling to.

I found a little light dancing on the creek water. I can never take enough pictures of water. I love the movement caused by ripples and the sparkles of the sun.
This fading leaf stuck on a sticker vine looks almost transparent as the sun shines through it. It reminds me of thin tissue paper.

More often than not, I'm looking down. I tread lightly trying not to disturb nature's beauty.  This pretty moss that clings to rocks is only about 1/2" tall. It seems to really be loving the wet weather!
I hope you've enjoyed a little nature walk with me. I'm linking up for the first time with Photo Walk Wednesday. I've recently found this group at LAF Custom Designs. I think it will be inspiring and interesting to see what others see as they Walk and Click! Stop by Lissa's blog and check out the other links and join us if you can!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Time For Clean Up!!

Occasionally unusual things happen around our place that I want to share with my grandsons.  You're welcome to stay and read this. I do understand if you're not interested and I hope you'll come back another day.
One day in the cold of winter, freezing rain began to fall.  It stuck to the cedar trees!  It stuck to the pine trees! It stuck to every limb on every tree! The freezing rain fell for hours and then the snow began to fall. The snow fell so heavy that it was like a blizzard. The snow stuck to the ice that was stuck to the limbs and trees.
The next morning, when I looked out the window there was a winter wonderland of white. Everything was covered in beautiful snow!
The sad thing was that the ice and snow were so heavy it had broken off the tops of the cedar trees and many of their limbs had cracked and fallen.  The big pine trees bent so far over from the heavy snow that some their tops touched the ground. Some of them fell completely down.
The snow melted and the days have passed. Then today, I heart a rumbling noise and hurried to the window to see what it might be. You'll never guess what I saw coming down our driveway. It was something with a big front scoop...
and big tires. It was a bright and yellow.
It was a backhoe!
It was here to help us clean up the cedar trees
that were broken and the pine tree that fell.
I slipped on my shoes and sweater and hurried outside. As I watched the backhoe began his work. He extended his smaller scoop and started pushing against the side of a tree.
He stretched out his arm so very far and pushed and pushed. His motor rumbled and smoke came out of his stack. Finally, the roots broke free from the ground and the tree crashed down. It seemed to be an easy job for this backhoe!
He pushed down one tree and then two and kept on rumbling and working until all seven damaged trees were down. He didn't leave a lot of roots, but he sure left a lot of limbs.  What a big mess! 
As the backhoe waited, his driver went to work on the pine tree which was about 80 to 90 feet tall!  Using a big chainsaw he cut the tree trunk into four really big logs. It was then time for the backhoe to work again! A cable was wrapped around each log and the backhoe pulled with all his might dragging them out of the pasture. He sank a little in the mud, but he never spun a tire!  He just steadily pulled and pulled until all four logs were out.
While he was resting, I looked at the big logs. Did you know that you can count the rings on a tree and see how old it is? I wish there had been time for me count these, but the backhoe had to keep working!
He fired up his motor, because now it was time to load the logs onto a truck. He reached out with his smaller scoop and picked up one log in his jaws. 
Then he picked up another log in the jaws of his big front scoop.
He knew the log on the back would help keep his balance as he unloaded the front log.  He sure didn't want to tip over into the truck!! That would have been embarrassing!! 
Finally the last log was loaded making the back of the truck squat down!! Those logs were very, very heavy!! The backhoe was finished with his work, he raised his buckets, and headed home! We sure were glad he was able to help!! Gramp's Kubota would never have been able to pull up those trees!! 
The logs were taken away, but Gramps and I now have to clean up all the rest!  The cedar trees and the top of the pine will have to be cut into smaller pieces and burned.  It looks like we'll be working for a while. I wish all of you guys were here to help us!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ January 20, 2013

It's been a busy week! Full of photography, decluttering, cleaning, and the routine stuff!  Of course, the most enjoyable time, was the time with my camera in hand. I'm joining once again with Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I had to do a little creative thinking to find them all!

Our prompts this week were:
people watching

This tiny basket is a little over one inch tall. It's woven with pine needles.

I took this photo at "Fun Land" in the park. I remember going there as a teenager with Mr. H although I doubt we rode many rides, he was not particularly fond of them. My favorite ride will always be the Carousel. I wonder how many children have ridden this prancing stallion.

How many drivers do you need for this auto?

I love to find ways to recycle vintage linens. I found an antique quilt at a flea market that was tattered in many places. I brought it home and made pillows out it. I also found a dresser scarf that was beyond repair, but had this lovely crocheted border. I removed the border and used it on this pillow.
People Watching
This was the most difficult prompt for me. I don't take pictures of people other than family.  I really did try to go people watching and take some photos, but they were awful!  I'm just not brave enough.  I decided to share a picture of my Dad. He loves people watching!

I've enjoyed my week.
I hope you have too! 
May next week be extra special for you!
The purpose of life,
after all,
is to live it
 to taste experience to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly and without fear
for newer and richer experiences.
~Eleanor Roosevelt