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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Treasures on Thursday

I'm back for my Thursday's Treasure.  I want to show you the wreath that finishes out the wall collection with the sewing machine drawer and the handkerchief dress.  I made the wreath from muscadine vines. I soaked them in water until they became pliable and then wrapped them around four very large nails to form a square.  Many of the things on the wreath were my Grandmother's who sewed and quilted.

in the center of the wreath is an old package of embroidery transfers
the fabric pieces are cut for a Grandmother's Garden quilt
tape measure
zipper in a plastic container
cards of buttons and loose buttons

The little string of buttons on the left bottom corner, are all Nannie's buttons.  I had heard of buttons strings and decided to make one with her buttons. Buttons have always been saved and reused, but the Victorian girls were the first button collectors.  They assembled "charm strings".  Each button would be different and were usually a present from someone.  Trading was allowed, but not buying.  The goal was to have 999 buttons avoiding the thousandth button as it doomed its collector to spinsterhood.  Although some believed that the thousandth button led to marriage to the next gentleman caller.  Either way it led to a great many buttons being saved!   In 1870 the popularity of the charm string was widespread enough to inspire a popular song "Give My Button String To Sister".  Words by Florence Linley and music by Charlie Ward.  Until this weekend I have never seen a real button string. But, while in  Jefferson, TX, my sister and I toured their Historical Museum, I could not believe my eyes when I finally saw one.  I was so excited!!  When I made one from my Grandmother's buttons I used buttons with holes, but as you can see on this historic one the buttons were actually shank buttons.  Little things really excite me, and this did.  It was the highlight of the museum for me.

I know it's hard to see the strings because there were several other things surrounding it.  Did you notice the cute little crocheted purse. also.  I wish I knew who it belonged to and how many buttons were on her string. Did she get married before the thousandth button? Can't you just imagine the excitement of sharing buttons, you have to remember these girls would have started collecting at a very young age, because they married young. I really am glad I finally have seen a real true button string.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jake, My Wonderful Helper

This guy right here was my lifesaver when Gramps and I stayed with the boys.  This is our oldest grandson, Jake.  He's seven and in the 2nd grade.  Great guy, does well in school, and has a wonderful personality.   Getting him to school was so easy.  He set his alarm each morning, got up, got ready for school and bounded downstairs. He even made his own lunch when he didn't want to eat at school. He was just great at helping me with anything I needed to know.  Where Mom kept things or how she did things.  For instance, I had been there for about 5 days when I could not get the dryer started.  I pushed the button several times, nothing happened and then Jake walked by and very casually said "Gramma, you have to hold the button down."  He seemed to know everything.  He was also a great help with the twins, he knows their language, their routines and their favorite things.  When you're not used to taking care of  two three-year old boys it can be a little overwhelming.  I kept saying, "Jake, I don't know how your Mom does this!"

One morning we all were up early, so I decided to take Jake to school with the twins instead of Gramps.  Drew and Josh were really excited.  To start with, the twins had been playing with blankets and wanted to take them.  Since it was raining and my car wouldn't fit in the garage, I threw the blankets over their heads and carried them to the car.  Two trips in the rain for me.  OK, ready to go...not quite Josh had forgotten his toy dog in a cage that he was constantly carrying around.  He even had to sleep with it.  OK, Gramma runs back in and gets the cage.  Third trip in the rain for me.  Ready to go...not quite, the dog wasn't in the cage.  OK, Gramma runs back in and finds the dog.  Fourth trip in the rain for me.  Ready to go at last.  Gramma is a little wet, but laughing!  Josh  brought a small keyboard along and played it all the whole way to school as loud as it would go.  A little arguing between the twins began over the choice of songs.  And Drew thought it was too loud.  A very noisy ride to school.  I laughed when Jake said  "Gramma, I don't know how my Mom does this!"  I said, "Me either, she's a SUPERMOM!!" 

We had a blast with Jake.  We did lots of four-wheeler riding around their property.  I especially enjoyed when we went through the weeds and made our own trails out toward the power lines. I'm not real fond of four-wheelers but he is a good and careful driver, never scared me once.   I think that was Jake's favorite thing to do while we were there, to ride on the four-wheeler.  Thanks so much to you, Jake, you were a wonderful help to me!!!
Gramma loves all her grandson!!

Give your children or grandchildren a hug today!! They are a blessing from God!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Words From Drew and Josh

I've been very busy for the last few days.  My sister, Judith, and I went for a little fun time in Jefferson, Tx.  I'll be posting about some of our fun when I get my pictures organized.  But, today, I have a few more words  about my stay at Patty's.  Words from Drew and Josh, the 3 year olds.  I had to learn a new language, but we managed pretty well. Here's a few quotes,

"Where's my chugga-chugga choo-choo?" his favorite Geo-trac train engine
"I want to watch choo-choo press" translation "I want to watch Polar Express" their favorite movie
"Where's my woobie?" translation "where's my lovie?" have to have these to sleep
"Is that your puta?" translation "computer"

"Gramma, I can't find double-hitch" he was looking for a certain Geo-trac train engine
"Gramma, where are your slip flops" his name for my new slippers that Patty bought me
"How long it takes for Mommy to get to Laska?" Alaska
"Gramma, why are you staying forever?"
Josh making up a story at bedtime - "Itta bitta time" translation "One upon a time"

And this conversation between Drew and Josh
Josh - "Mommy in Laska" - Alaska
Drew - "No! Mommy on airplane" - he thought she was on the plane for the full 8 days, poor Mommy!!

They are so precious, I wish I could remember every funny thing they said!

Smile Today!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Gramma

Speaking of Drew and Josh and Jake, Gramps and I kept them for about nine days while their Mom and Dad went on a trip to Alaska.
I'll be honest, I was worried about keeping them for that length of time. I was afraid they would just be miserable without Mommy and Daddy.  They missed them a lot, but they handled it well. Only a few break downs. It was a joy to be around them in their everyday lives. They live about 3 hours away and when we visit back and forth it's usually for a short few days.  I miss theses boys each and every day. They just change so much between visits.  Jake read to us at night. He's in the second grade and can just read anything!  He was definitely a big help.  He patiently answered all my questions like -  Where does your Mom keep her recipes?   Do you know where this or that is?   What do I do with this?  The twins laughed at me because I couldn't keep their cups and lids straight - no Gramma not that lid - my water goes in that cup and so on. Finally, I gave up on matching cups and lids, left them on the counter and let them pick which one they wanted.  Worked much better. I'll be blogging a few days about our adventures. But, first here's a few pictures of Patty's beautiful home.

This is what you see when you're on the back porch. Beautiful moutains!
Watching the sunrise from the front porch. Isn't it beautiful!  If there had been more time I would have stayed on the front porch.  But, these guys will keep you busy from daylight to dark.  They have so much energy.
The next pictures are in her laundry room. It is such a bright and cheerful place, you really don't mind doing laundry. Well, you don't mind as much!!

I love birds, and this one is so cheery!! Patty has such a good eye for decorating!
Here's another bird in the laundry room. It's metal with these cute magnets to hold the pictures!

I love this little saying. I'm kind of that way. If my family is there, I feel like I'm home wherever I'm planted.  I felt right at home at Patty's.  The only thing I really missed was my bed! There's just nothing like your on bed!!

And, last I wanted to show you these beautiful stained glass front doors.  Aren't they just wonderful!  In the afternoon the sun shines through them and they are gorgeous.
Just a little highlight to show you how pretty her home is.  I could post lots of pictures, antique fireplaces, converted gas lighting, antique doors and much more, but that would get to be very long, so I'll stop here.

Hope you're enjoying where you are today!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Crop

Our little scrap booking group got together on Sunday afternoon to crop.  We had a great time at Donna's.  She had the best deli sandwiches with all the trimmings and these new chips that I've never had before.  I loved them and ate way too many.  They're called straws and these were barbecue, cheddar is also available.  Not bad on the fat and calories either, if you don't eat way too many! 
The twins, Drew and Josh, needed a couple of one page layouts to fill in empty pages in their albums, so that's what I worked on.  I really enjoyed the day and the good company!

Drew's page
Top picture shows big brother, Jake, checking out his new little brother, Drew
Bottom left, is Mom and Dad and both boys
Center, Gramps and Drew
Right, Gramma and Jake with Drew

 Josh's layout
Top picture, big brother, Jake, feeding new little brother, Josh
Mom and Dad again with both boys
Gramps with Josh
Gramma with Josh

Here's a close up of the blue circles so  you could see the words.

Drew's second layout
They were learning to pull up on everything.  In the left picture you barely can see Drew's tippy toes.

Josh's second layout
Josh thinks standing up is such fun! He loves to laugh!
Close-up of the title, twin brothers

The boys are three now and scrapping some old pictures sure brings back memories.
They were and are such a joy!

Until next time, be joyful!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall Is Arriving!

I wish I were a photographer with a fancy camera. But, I'm not and my camera is a point and click Fine Pix31 by Fuji. I'm happy with it. It's a great camera, it shoots really good pictures. But, for a morning like this, I wish I were a photographer not a picture-taker. First, you have to realize I don't particularly like the hot weather of summer. Well, that's putting it mildly...I don't like summer!!  This morning when I woke it was 53 degrees!
Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Fall is arriving!
The long, hot, humid, record-breaking, stifling summer is finally ending. I should break out my thesaurus and see if there's any other words I can use to describe this summer. You get the picture, I did't like it!  All summer my mantra was "This is the day that the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it". I kept reminding myself, everyday we should rejoice not just the cool, beautiful fall, winter, and spring days that I enjoy.  It says "this day", that means everyday. I tried to rejoice, I really did. Anyway, I went outside to enjoy the cool morning and just had to take these pictures of the sunrise.

I wish you could feel the cool air and hear the quiet. I hear only birds singing, the music of my wind chimes, and the occassional bark of a dog. So peaceful, so refreshing. These pictures don't do it justice, you'll just have to take my word for it...

Rejoice in your day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treasures on Thursday

As promised, I'm going to show you what hangs above the sewing machine drawer.

This is a handkerchief dress that I bought, of all places, at a neighborhood drug store.  Isn't it just the cutest little thing?  I love the tiny clothes hanger.  Vintage handkerchiefs fascinate me, all the beautiful embroidery work and crocheted edges.  I love to look at them at flea markets and antique stores, and have bought several.   Even though this is not a vintage handkerchief, I couldn't resist buying it.  The bodice is made of paper and the skirt is the handkerchief.  For some reason this dress reminds me of paper dolls.  I love paper dolls, always have.  I can remember playing paper dolls for years and years, even when I thought I was too old.  We used to cut the models out of the Sears catalog and design clothes for them.  I don't have any of my paper dolls, wonder where they went?  I have bought a few sets over the years, but honestly old paper dolls are too expensive for me.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look What I Found

In yesterday's post about aprons, I mentioned my Grandmother always wore an apron. I ran across some old photos today and I'm so excited,  look what I found, this picture taken in 1954.
And this is my Grandmother wearing an apron!! 
She's holding me, and my sister is standing beside her. I'm guessing this is Sunday afternoon since we are all dressed up and we sometimes went to Nanny's house for Sunday dinner.

 Anyway, just wanted to share what I found.