100 Day Project 2021

100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project is a commitment to take 100 macro/close-up photos for 100 days.

Day 35

frozen leaf buds

Day 34


Day 33

insect trails

Day 32


Day 31

Day 30

Henbit weed

Day 29

clock gears

Day 28

vintage spinning top

Day 27

rainy day

Day 26

thimble collection

Day 25
Covid vaccination treat

Day 24
vintage keys

Day 23
sharp and prickly

Day 22
devil's walking stick (Aralia Spinosa)

Day 21
encased in ice

Day 20
tough dandelion

Day 19
leftover Christmas candy

Day 18
collection of rocks and shells

Day 17
vintage spool of thread

Day 16
my mom's hand mixer 

Day 15
Not much of a photo, but it does document the day. Water is dripping from all the faucets. It's 13 degrees right now and our low is supposed to be zero!! (taken on February 15, 2021)

Day 14
vintage inkwell and feather

Day 13
rarely used except as a chip clip

Day 12
juicy orange

Day 11
sleet and ice on moss
(taken on Februrary 11, 2021)

Day 10
My Lenten Rose (Hellebore) is loaded with buds.
The moisture is not from rain, but from heavy fog!

Day 9
back view of a golden daffoldil

Day 8
1925 Royal Typewriter

Day 7
A vintage Kodak film canister. 

Day 6
I learned to play the piano by where the notes were on the staff.
My mom learned by reading shape notes.

Day 5
I love books with tattered pages!

Day 4
Dreaming of the sea! Do you see the small heart near the center hole?

Day 3
Sometimes my mind is all tangled!

Day 2
Beautiful morning sunshine on this fuzzy little bit of nature.

Day 1
Something to do on a cloudy, cold day.

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