100 Day Project 2021

Thursday, November 7, 2019

What To Do On Rainy Day

It's raining again! It's also chilly with temperatures dropping all day! Northern parts of Arkansas may even see snow flurries! In central Arkansas it will just be rain and more rain! I didn't let that stop me from getting outside today. I put on warm clothes, rain boots, and a raincoat; then took my small camera out to see what I could find.

I walked up to the trail behind the house and took this picture, but since it's hunting season, I didn't venture any further. It's a little too dangerous for that.

I enjoyed just standing by water puddles and watching the raindrops create circles. The big one on the top left looks like it has two eyes. The small one right beside it actually has my reflection in it!

The winds have been pretty strong all day. causing limbs to break and blowing leaves off the trees. It's blowing the seedpods off the Sweet Gum tree, too. Usually they don't fall until they're brown, but I guess the wind was too strong for this one to hang on!

You know me, I can't resist taking a few close up images, especially if there's lichen to be found!

Or mushrooms!
I loved this little family of orange ones. Lately I've been needing family connections. Having to put our dad in a care facility has reminded me how important family connections are.

The leaves are slowly beginning to change. It seems the only really pretty leaves in my yard are from the Bradford Pear. They put on a pretty show in the rain.

The time has come for me to do some serious thinking about my blog. I can't seem to find time to post. I have the pictures and ideas, but not the time. I am barely posting once a month. I either need to get serious about my blog and post more often or I need to close it. I do enjoy sharing my nature pictures here. Maybe if I choose fewer pictures and less words, posting would be easier. I might think about trying that. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!
I hope you're enjoying your autumn!