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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Finds & Randomness

Summertime usually means at least one family reunion. We traveled to south Arkansas to visit with some of my husband's family. We were a little early so we drove through the small town. When we passed the county museum, I knew I'd found a way to kill some time. Ten historic buildings depicting a typical  farming community had been moved near the museum. Among them was the Sam Terry Log house built before 1850 from cypress logs. Along with the two story log house, there was a separate kitchen, blacksmith shop, doctor's office, a general store,  potato house, and a sharecroppers house. One never knows what one might FIND when they arrive early!
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Since the museum was closed on Sundays, I had to be content with peeking in the windows. I've always wanted a spinning wheel. Not that I'd ever learn to spin wool, but I just think they're beautiful. Space is the only reason I don't have one.  Where would I put it!

Traveling through the delta region of southern Arkansas may seem a little boring to some, but to me it's fascinating and has it's own beauty.  Miles and miles of farmland stretches as far as you can see. Crops like rice, soybeans, cotton, grain corn, and wheat all laid out in precision under gorgeous blue skies.

Speaking of crops. There's a little crop of wild blackberries behind the house. I waited patiently for them to turn black and then snipped off a couple to eat. Yuk!  Bitter!  I'll just buy mine from the grocery store from now on!

There's a connection between me and sycamore trees. When I was in the fifth grade another student and I read a book out loud to the class. I remember being so nervous each day as we stood in front and read. She'd read a page then I'd read a page. I don't remember the name of the book, but I do remember when I couldn't pronounce the word "sycamore." I said "sike-a-more." I also remember the teacher was not so friendly in her correction. I may not like the reminder of it's name, but I do like their seedpods and their rough bark! Well, mostly I like their bark. It falls off once and year and makes the most horrible mess in the yard!

I did it! I drowned my flowers. I'm used to hot and dry June's, so while we were on vacation I placed several pots in plastic containers with a little water in the bottom to keep them hydrated. How was I to know it was going to rain everyday and drown my little flowers!  I replaced them this week and am now enjoying the pretty portulaca flowers. They're usually hardy, maybe I won't drown these!
Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Sundries - Edition 17

     Sarah handed me a package.

     "For Anna," she said. "And Caleb. For all of us."

     The package was small, wrapped in brown paper with a rubber band around it. Very carefully I unwrapped it, Caleb peering closely. Inside were three colored pencils.

"Blue," said Caleb slowly, "and gray. And green."

     Sarah nodded.

     Suddenly Caleb grinned.

     "Papa," he called. "Papa come quickly! Sarah has brought the sea!"

                                                      From Sarah, Plan, and Tall written by Patricia MacLachlan
                                                                            (My favorite children's book)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Finds & Randomness

I wasn't going to post a Friday Find today. This week has been less than interesting, except for Monday. Monday I spent the morning at The Old Mill in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  If you'd like to see it just go here, I wrote about it earlier in the week. Other than that, pretty boring week.  Too hot and humid for much of anything. Anyway, I was just sitting here looking at this week's pictures and thought, well, I do have a few images I could share from Monday.
First, my FIND this week was a little free lending library in the coolest place.  I'd love to stop by here, pick out a book and sit and read awhile.  Nice spot, huh?  I've seen several of these free lending libraries popping up. The only rule, if you take a book, you need to leave one.

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The Randomness is next.
I'd love to have this fountain in my shade garden. Not only would it be pretty and add a really pleasant sound, but I think I'd like to just lie down under it on a hot day!
Or maybe I could just live on the lake and have this lovely  dock!  That would be cool!  That is until I begin to think about water moccasins!!  Why do I always spoil my dreams??
You cross this pretty bridge, that looks like tree branches, to reach the front door of the Old Mill. Senor Dionico Rodriguez, a sculptor and artist of Mexico City, created this bridge from concrete that is made to represent wood.
I went to the Old Mill because I needed some pictures of water. This one was my favorite! I really like the abstract look of this bridge reflected in the water.
I just can't get enough of water and reflections.  Reflections fascinate me. You sometimes can't tell what's real and what's a reflection.
Short and sweet this week!
Are you ready for the longest day of sunlight tomorrow?
Any special plans?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Keeping It Simple

How many times have we wished for a simpler life, especially when everyday tasks seem to drag us down.  I sometimes think that the Amish or Mennonite sector have the right idea...keep things simple.  Get rid of the extras, the clutter, and the time-stealing pursuits we think are so important.  Well, maybe not my computer...I do really like to meet you here!

I'm just finishing a class, Keeping It Simple, with Kim Manley Ort. In her classes she encourages us to simplify not only our photography, but our lives. Our first lesson dealt with simplicity and minimalism. You know me, I look things up in the dictionary...just a fun habit of mine...so I looked up simplicity and minimal.
  • Bing dictionary defines simplicity as "a lack of complexity, complication, or embellishment."

  • Bing dictionary also defines minimal as "very small in amount."
To apply this to photography, I need to stop before clicking the shutter button and focus on what it is I really want to include in the photo; what is the subject, what will bring attention to the subject, and what needs to be eliminated.

I must say, I've taken several of Kim's classes, enjoyed each one, but for some reason this one really resonated with me. I finally "got it!"  I finally took my time and let my eyes discover what to photograph and my heart discover how to photograph it.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ready To Go...

I've spent over a week resting up from our family vacation. I finally felt like going again...not on vacation...but, at least out with my camera to enjoy this Monday morning.  Morning was all I could do...by noon it was 91 degrees and humid and I was tired again!

I didn't realize how tired I would be after
  • keeping up with Gramma's guys,
  • climbing to the top of the USS Alabama battleship,
  • walking through underground tunnels at historic Fort Gaines,
  • strolling the trails at a bird sanctuary,
  • spending the afternoon at the sea lab, and
  • swimming in the ocean. (yes that is me...that little dot way out there...I told my daughter to take my picture in the ocean, but don't come any closer!)
I was totally worn out and that's just a fraction of what we did while on vacation at Dauphin Island, Alabama. Anyway, I think I've made it back to normal!
As I mentioned at the top, I did get out with my camera this morning. I needed some pictures of water for a photo prompt, so I went to the Old Mill in North Little Rock, which is an authentic reproduction of an old water-powered grist mill. This beautiful mill appears in the opening scene of the classic 1939 film Gone With The Wind. Built in 1933, it was designed to look old so it would appear as if it was built in the 1800's.
It's in a pretty city park with flower gardens, water splashing, birds singing, and shade!

Although I only spent the morning there, it was a much needed source of photography inspiration. I kind of lost my incentive after being on vacation. There was so much beauty to capture on Dauphin Island and back home, well it seems kind of dull!
I hope you're not to tired of my vacation pictures, you have to understand it's been a very, very long time since I've been on vacation and we were at such a beautiful location!
Hope you had a great Monday!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Sundries - Edition 16

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Finds and Randomness

Please excuse the fact that my FRIDAY FIND is from last week. After being on vacation at the beach, I was totally not inspired by anything around here and was too tired to go searching for photos.  I took a total of six picture this week and they were less than interesting.  While at the beach,  each morning I took a walk doing the normal touristy thing...looking for shells.  Along the side of the island we were on there weren't many shells that survived the rough water. Most were cracked or broken, which was all right with me. They had such interesting shapes and textures. I loved this little still life scene that nature set up for me to find and photograph.
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(the images are from last week...the thoughts from this week)

Always, always, always check to see if your memory card is in the camera before heading out. I confess...I did it...went to see Fort Morgan in Alabama got part way there and realized I'd left the memory card in my computer!  No worries though, my oldest grandson, Jake, is a budding photographer and he saved the day for me with his great pictures.

Not all the fun at the beach is in the water. Drew loves the water, but he spent a lot of his time playing in the sand.

There were some great waves for boogie boarding which made Josh really happy.

This was Aaron's first trip to see the ocean. He love the water, he really did, but his favorite thing was riding on the ferry to explore Fort Morgan.

We weren't sure how little Isaac would like the sand. It didn't take him long to figure out how to save those knees!

(image taken by Isaac's mother)

I hope by next Friday I'll be out and about taking pictures again.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summertime on an Island Paradise

I've only been home about fourteen hours and I already miss the ocean. For the first time we took a vacation with our children, their spouses, and their children. It was absolutely wonderful. Many happy and fun memories were made. It's been 37 years since I've seen the ocean, so of course there were many hundreds of pictures taken.  Just let me say right now, this post is heavy on the pictures...light on words! I think when  you see the pictures below, you'll understand why I miss being there.
I miss the sound of the waves crashing right outside our bedroom window.
I miss the amazing colors.
I miss the birds.
I miss the morning walks I took along the beach.
I miss the sunrises.

I miss the sunsets.

I even miss the seaweed in the golden light of sunset.
I miss the details.
But, most of all, I miss seeing these guys each morning and hugging them goodnight.
I can think of only one thing I won't be missing...sand in my bed!
I'm sure you're going to see more pictures from our family vacation at Dauphin Island, Alabama.

"Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened."
Dr. Seuss