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Friday, April 13, 2018

Liberate Your Art 2018

The eight annual Liberate Your Art postcard swap has come to a close. I've participated in this swap hosted by Kat Sloma since it's creation eight years ago. Each year has brought delight and inspiration. The rules are simple: take a photo of your art, make a postcard of your art, mail five postcards to Kat, she organizes them all and then sends them to their new homes.

This year's swap included:
134 artists
804 piece of art from
10 countries
31 US states

Every single year I have been blown away by the incredible art that is shared. There is such an incredible amount of talent among the artist who participate. Quoting from Kat "a theme emerges from each year...this year's message, Art brings Light to the World."  Each time a postcard landed in my mailbox it brightened my day, touched me, and encouraged me.

The first postcard I received was a lovely photo creation by Christina Pagan. She combined two photos; one of a feather floating in a pond and one of a waterfall. The combination is a gorgeous piece of art!  Her greeting on the back includes "I am wishing bountiful travel, adventure, and inspiration in your future." Christina has a wonderful website filled with amazing photographs.

This beautiful dragonfly postcard came from Anne Doyle in Victoria, Australia. Anne's greeting is "Find the freedom to reach out and touch dragonflies, wish on stars and talk to the moon."

Next, I received a picture of Dante who says "Strut your ART Stuff." This postcard is from Vicki who lives in New York State. Vickie has a website that I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through.

My fourth beautiful postcard is from Tennille. "This photograph is a turnip field in bloom in the Southern Willamette Valley, Oregon." I've never seen a turnip field in bloom!

Sue sent this gorgeous postcard from California. On the back she says "This is my art quilt Golden Gate - Fly-By." The upper cables are copper wires couched in place and there are glass beads on the waves."

And lastly, Kat sends each of us a piece of her art. This piece is entitle "Anomalous."  On the back Kat's greeting is "Creativity takes courage." a quote by Henri Matisse. Each year Kat puts together a video of the art that has been liberated around the world. I think you'll enjoy stopping by her website and watching it. The variety of art is simply amazing! Let me take a moment to encourage you to participate in the postcard swap next year. You'll be glad you did! To learn about the swap simply sign up for her newsletter following the link above. When it's time for another swap she'll include the information in her newsletter.

The last postcard I have to show is the one that I created for the swap. When I found this poem by Emily Dickinson I knew I wanted to photograph my HOPE necklace with a large feather. I wear his necklace often. It reminds me that my life is full of hope and joy.