100 Day Project 2021

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Summertime Photography

Summertime is here,
along with the heat and humidity!
I'm always tempted to stay inside in the cool house,
but I know that's not the best thing to do.
In an effort to make myself get outside,
I've joined a group of online friends in a 

There are no rules!
There is no order!
All I have to do is get outside!!

* Visit a playground - find a swing set *
Swing sets like this one bring back so many happy memories and one not-so-happy. When I was six I fell out of a swing while showing off and broke my arm! I guess it didn't upset me too bad, I still love to swing!

* traverse a bridge - shoot from the ground perspective *
This bridge is across a large spillway. The low perspective makes it seem much longer than it really is. One thing I didn't like about the bridge was that it was covered in spiderwebs!

* look for an arrow - where does it point to *
The sign this arrow is on is so dusty that you can barely read it. The arrow points down a long, gravel road that I explored one day.

* visit the library - find your favorite books *
I begin each day with a children's poem. The fun words and wonderful illustrations in children's poetry never fail to bring a smile to my mornings. I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I did.

* find a flag *
I found these flags quite by accident. I had a destination in mind for another project I'm working on, when I saw a sign for the American Legion B-17 Veterans Memorial Park. The park honors the nine member crew of a B-17 bomber that exploded mid-air over this field in 1943. Many flags were placed around the memorial, but the ones that filled me with gratitude were the United States flag and a flag for each branch of the military.

The park has a replica of the B-17 bomber. It's a beautiful memorial that also honors those living in the area who were killed in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War and the Vietnam War.

"People don't notice whether it's
winter or summer when they're happy." 
~ Anton Chekhov

When I get out side with my camera, I usually forget how hot it is and just enjoy the day. The scavenger hunt has a total of 28 items to look for. I hope to find them all! I know many of you have seen these pictures on Facebook, but I also wanted to share them here since I have several friends that don't post on Facebook.

I hope you're enjoying your summer!