100 Day Project 2021

Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Return to the Stone Saga


I'm sitting in a rocker/recliner underneath a warm lap quilt my mom made. That sounds crazy considering we have just been placed under the first heat advisory of this summer. The quilt is more for comfort than anything. The title of this post refers back to the Stone Saga post from January of this year. Once again, I'm recovering from a lithotripsy procedure. I had two procedures on my right kidney in January and February. This time it's my left kidney. I have another rather large stone 14mm, so I've been told two procedures will probably be needed this time, too. I seem to like to do things the hard way!

Trying very hard not to whine, I'll bring you up to date. A few weeks ago, I had a kidney stone episode that sent me to the doctor. I was told the rather large stone was in a lower pool of my kidney which makes it harder to treat.  When the stone is in the lower pool, lithotripsy is not very successful; invasive surgery is usually required. Come back and see me in three months, he said. Fast forward to the next visit and surprisingly the stone had moved up into the middle pool of the kidney. I don't think that is too common. I was scheduled for a lithotripsy pretty quickly. I guess he didn't want the chance of it moving back down. I'm grateful, really, I am, that a lithotripsy was possible. 

As with any procedure there is a downside. Pain, kidney spasms, and nausea followed me home from the hospital. After three days, I'm only dealing with nausea from the very strong antibiotics I'm taking. I'm not sure what I would have done without goldfish crackers the first day. That was all I could eat. I have graduated to soup and an apple today. Maybe I'll try a baked potato for dinner.

I was pretty bored yesterday and wanted to use my camera, so I took twenty pictures without getting up from my chair. Most of them were of things I've enjoyed or needed while I recuperate. I'll not post all twenty, just a few! Of course, I have to have pen and paper. What color ink do you write with. I write with blue. I don't know why; I just like it!

I made sure I had plenty of books to read. I do have an eReader, but I'd rather hold a book!

I have my notebooks beside me on the floor. A binder holding material from a class I'm taking this year, my journal, my book of lists, and my bullet journal.

This is a close-up design on the binder. It reminds me of the sun and makes me smile.

I dug out my coloring book and colored pencils. I'll try anything to distract me from the nausea. 

Since Jerry works, I'm alone most of the day and need someone to talk to and someone to sympathize with me. My trusty bears are there any time I need a hug!

I only have two more days of antibiotics. I think then I'll be able to once again get outside for longer than a few minutes. I really do want to sit in my swing, but that's not such a good idea right now. Back and forth motion . . . not so good.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you're have a wonderful weekend,
 staying cool, and staying safe from Covid!!