100 Day Project 2021

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Summer Colors

I've been wanting to visit Garvan Woodland Garden this summer. It's always so hot in the summertime that I rarely visit. But, a few days ago the weather cooperated with upper 70's and breezes.  Although that's still too warm for me, it was better than the upper 90's! 

The paths around the Great Lawn were edged with different varieties of coleus and caladiums. The Great Lawn is planted with beautiful zoysia grass and surrounded by nearly 10,000 square feet of mixed flowers known as the Flowering Border. 

I've been to the garden so many times and although every season brings totally different flowers, I decided not to walk the whole garden. There were a couple of new areas I wanted to explore. One area was fairly small with a large, lovely bowl filled with moving water. Huge rocks create the pathway in, around the bowl, and then out. I read that on hot afternoons the fountain in the bowl is turned on and it creates a fine mist to walk through. 

The sensory garden was also new to me. It definitely appealed to my senses. It is a large circular area with several flower beds and a rock wall on one side. The sights, the sounds, and the smells of this summer garden were amazing. It was hard to take in everything around me; the colors and smells of the flowers, the multitude of butterflies, the buzzing of the bees, and the birds singing. It was alive with motion and beauty. Most, if not all the flowers in the Sensory Garden reseed themselves. I think by looking at the maturity of the garden, you can tell it's not new, I've just never seen it since I rarely go in the summer.

Lovely benches are scattered throughout the garden, but I rarely sit down on one. I'm always anxious to go find the next picture! Since I was pretty warm after being out in the sunshine at the Sensory Garden, I decided to take advantage of one and enjoy the view as I drank some water and cooled off.

I then wandered into the cool shade of The Garden of the Pine Wind, a four-acre rock and stream Asian garden.

The Sunrise Bridge takes you into this quiet, beautiful garden. I found a low rock wall near the water and spend most of my time there. I did a little journaling, a little people-watching (especially the children down the hill from me near the Koi Pond) and I did a lot of relaxing. I sat there for over an hour which is the longest I've ever been still in the garden. I realized how much I had missed in the past, by strolling and not sitting, watching, and listening.

It was a different kind of day for me, more resting than walking, but it was what I needed. I came away with a calm feeling and a peaceful heart. As I crossed the parking lot, I spotted something else that made me smile, the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile! How fun is that!

I hope you're enjoying the last of this summer's colors. My yard doesn't have much color left. The lantana is blooming. It is so hardy and thrives in the heat and humidity. I also have a begonia in a hanging pot that still has beautiful red blooms. Without daily watering, it would not have survied the heat and humidity.

Today is the last day of summer.  I'm looking forward to the cooler days to come. Then, I'll be heading back to Garvan Gardens to see the fall colors! Are you as anxious as I am for Autumn?