Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Snow!

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of our Christmas snow.  It was a historical snow in Arkansas.
  • It was the first measurable snow on Christmas Day since 1925.
  • This was the most  snow that has ever fallen in one day since record keeping started in the late 1880's.
  • It was the first time Arkansas weathermen had to issue a blizzard warning to parts of the state.
It started as an ice storm that quickly accumulated on trees and their branches.

Then hours of snow continued to add weight to the trees causing many trees to bend and their tops touch the ground.

The pine trees were especially hard hit. We had four that fell near the edges of our property. The one below was about 95 to 100 foot tall. So sad to see these big trees topple. We also lost four of our cedar trees. They just couldn't hold the weight of the ice and snow and snapped. Trees snapped all over central Arkansas leaving thousands in the dark due to downed power lines. We were without power for three days. We were thankful that our power came back on twice for a few hours; just long enough to take a quick hot shower and warm the house back up and then it would go off again for several hours! 

The day after the storm, it was bright, sunny, and freezing cold!  Very little of the snow melted that first day. I didn't stay out to long to take pictures. Without heat there was no way to warm up!! It was the prettiest Winter Wonderland I have ever seen!!

I don't think I need words to describe the next few images; just enjoy the beauty of winter.


This last one is my favorite. I took this two days after the storm. The snow had begun to melt and become icy. I couldn't believe it when I found this little heart.

I really shouldn't say this, people won't like me, but I hope we get a little more snow this winter!


  1. Winter wonderland or what! As you say, no words, just sitting here with my jaw on desk...beautiful! xx

  2. What gorgeous snow captures, Cathy. I love the red berries and your sunlight and shadow shots!

  3. Oh Cathy, at first when i saw the pictures I thought wow they are so beautiful and you are so lucky to be able to photograph the loveliness. Then I read all about the problems you all had with the ice. Ice is so wicked. I hate that you lost so many old trees on your land. I try and think of it as God's way of cleaning up and making way for new. You have a beautiful property to enjoy and photograph. How wonderful. I added you to my reading list, and can't wait to come back.

  4. For you I am happy you have these beautiful and unique images. For me I say blech. That looks like what happens here in Maine all too often. I got a bunch in the yard right now.
    The last two images are stunning. Trees loaded with snow are beautiful-I'll give you that. I don't so much mind the day it snows, it's all the ugly clean up afterwards. I hope your yard isn't too barren without the big trees. I'm glad they did not cause damage to your home.
    Happy day to you. Stay warm.

  5. Gorgeous snow images, Cathy! It is a winter wonderland and I don't blame you for wanting more. I adore seeing tree branches laden with snow. Thanks for sharing.

  6. When I saw on the news that Arkansas had been hit by the blizzard, I wondered if you were in the path of the storm. Now, here is the proof. Winter wonderland, indeed! I'm sorry about the loss of trees but oh, that coating of ice and snow certainly makes for amazing photographs, doesn't it? And your tiny ice heart is a real find. Beautiful, sparkly wonder!

  7. wow cathy...these images of the pristine show are just completely stunning. you've captured the beauty of winter so perfectly! i hate to hear about all the trees you've lost because of the ice. we were hit HARD by the ice storm a few years back and i know your pain. but that's just kind of the way of nature isn't it...and before long there will lots of new little things coming up in their place. and many more wonders to capture through your lens. :)

  8. These are beautiful! It's hard to imagine all the hardships that can come out of something so gorgeous! Too bad Jake isn't there to help you clean up. I'm sure he would love to miss school for that! Thanks for sharing!


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