Monday, November 28, 2011

Picture Fall - Part 5

This is it!  The last of Picture Fall.

Day 24 - Family Matters
take a self portrait with someone in your family
My husband wouldn't cooperate, so I had to wait until my youngest grandson came over. We made a game of setting the timer on the camera and running to sit down before the light quit blinking.

Day 25 - Fall Colors
look for the rich, quintessential colors of fall.
I found this unusual pink color fall leave near our home.
When I saw this leaf tears came to my eyes.
I posted this in honor of my sister, a breast cancer survivor!!

Day 26 - Open heart, open mind
seek out some kind of openness and shoot it-nothing inside but room for the good that can come when we allow for it.
I found this open rock just waiting to be filled with goodness.

Day 27 - Leafy Love
find a way to capture a leaf that says something totally new
This leaf reminds me of a Spanish dancer
with her black mantilla and vibrant red dress!
It speaks of beauty and love to me.
Do you see the small heart?

The sun peaked through for just a moment after a misty rain. I took so many pictures of leaves this fall.
These covered with rain were my favorite.

Day 28 - The Great Pumpkin
 offer a seasonal ode to the great pumpkin!
He's just a little pie pumpkin, but he has the cutest stem!
Pumpkins need stems that twist or curve!!
We had a lot of fun with this little pumpkin in the class gallery. One girl mentioned that she saw the Loch Ness monster in the stem.  Another, decided we should name him Nessy. If you look really close, the stem looks like the face of the monster looking about searching for his prey!!

Day 29 - Sweet Relief
capture a little something sweet
What could be better than M & Ms!!

Day 30 - Fantasyland
shoot a little bit of fantasy to celebrate the tricks and treats of the season
Fantasy is not my thing, so once again, I drew a blank at something to post. I finally decided to create a fantasy with Nessy being loved by Wellington the witch!!

Day 31 - Thanksgiving
 focus on something that expresses your gratitude
Giving thanks for this wonderful group of talented photographers who have inspired me, taught me, encouraged me, and brightened each day!!

I hope you've enjoy my recap of Fall. 
Do not take autumn for granted; it's days are limited.
And, so it is, that autumn is almost gone.
 The damp, chill of winter is in the air today.
The trees are almost bare.
Winter is coming and with it Picture The Holidays.
I can't wait to share this holiday season with you through my photography!!

Big Picture Classes
Picture The Holiday is being offered free through Paper Coterie's website. The photos can be posted in a private Facebook page and I'm understanding that Big Picture will also have a link for posting pictures. It seems a little confusing right now, but I'm sure it will all work out. If you're interested, all you have to do is visit PAPER COTERIE PICTURE THE HOLIDAYS home page to sign up. You will get a confirmation email soon after. You'll then need to find their Facebook page and request to join.


  1. Cathy - A lovely way to close out the fall and Halloween seasons! I love the imaginative Spanish dancer leaf - with the gift of a heart as well. Nature's surprise.

  2. Cathy, thank you for sharing your images of fall. I've really enjoyed your series. I love your self-portrait with grandson, but my favorite is the beautiful Spanish dancer leaf wearing her heart on her sleeve. Such beautiful colors!

  3. What a fun series, love the M&M one, and your adorable grandson.

  4. What a wonderful reminder of how beautiful fall is. Can wait to see your holiday pictures.

  5. Fantastic series, completely adore your portrait with your grandson.

  6. This was just beautiful, I enjoyed each and every photo and words with it. Such a wonderful time of year and you captured it well. So happy that I found your blog and look forward to still visiting it even though the month is over. I'm so thankful for all you've shared here and how happy your blog is.

    This class sound just right for you and I will check it out too. I'm sure your photos will be magical this month and I'm looking forward to it.
    Happy December


  7. I had to stop by again and tell you that I noticed your love for SNOWMEN on an old post. Well they are my favorite thing about Christmas too and have been collecting them for years. Just like you I love all kinds, big, small, stuffed, shiny, whatever I can find that year.

    I also try to put up two trees every year and one is the red/green kind of tree the I have my cold blue tree. It's covered in snowman, snowflakes, and blue/silver ornaments. This tree is mostly for me but the kids have started liking it too.
    I will share pictures during this month on my blog so stop by and see.


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