Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Art or not? Artist or not?

In the newest assignment for
Kat asked us some questions.

What is art? What is an artist?
I wanted to go to dictionary and get the definition, but, we’re not supposed to do that. The definition has to be our own.

My definition of art: it’s very hard for me to explain, but art makes me feel something. I can go to an art museum, and to me, it’s not all art. Some pieces or works I just look at and pass on by. To me, it’s the works that my eyes linger on and the works that create emotions that are art.

My definition of artist: those who create from their heart and as a result share a piece of themselves in their work that can be felt.

Are you creative or just an observer?
I’ve always enjoyed being creative, trying different hobbies. I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything, crafts, ceramics, painting, home decor and cross stitching. Now, my creative outlet is scrapbooking. I’ve thought of these activities as just crafts, not art. My opinion has changed recently. Now, I realize that these can be works of art.

Is photography an art?
I see photography as an art. A photo is a creation captured through the lens of a camera. The photographer has to use light and composition to create a pleasing image. It can be a snapshot of children playing or a capture of a gorgeous sunset or a simple moment in time. When the photo evokes emotion, to me that is art.

Are you an artist?
That’s a very tough question. A question I didn’t have a quick answer for. It’s overwhelming to think that some of my photos would be considered art!! I’m just getting used to the word “photographer!” When a follower on my blog called me a photographer. I was stunned. That one word encouraged me to dig a little deeper and work harder on my images. It gave me new self-confidence. But, artist? That word intimidates me. I’d be self-conscious using it.

As I searched my images looking for photos that might be worthy to be called art, I discovered that, yes, I think these are art!  I realize that if art is the heart and soul of an artist being expressed in any medium, then, yes, I am an artist!  As I capture images I’m trying to convey the deep love I have for my family or the love I have for God’s creation and it’s glorious details. Remember, to me art is something that evokes emotion.

I think I would feel better if I said "I'm a “budding artist.”  I’m a beginning artist, just learning to open my eyes and my heart and share a little piece of myself through photographs. On occasion, I do think I get it right!

kat eye view


  1. These are great photos Cathy, I love the last one- a real work of art!

  2. The last one is amazing, I'd certainly hang it on my wall...and yes, photography can easily be art, and yes, I've really struggled to apply the word artist to myself.

  3. Gorgeous photos and words Cathy, and a beautiful discovery to see yourself as an artist. "Budding artist" if we must. :) I am so happy to have you on this journey, changing and growing before our very eyes. You are amazing!

  4. Cathy, your words and your work are both beautiful. It is such an amazing journey that we have all found ourselves on and so inspiring to share it with such creative people. All of the pictures that you shared were beautiful but the last one took my breath away.

  5. Cathy,
    You looked inside and came up with the definitions that are true for your heart. And I think we all see that your photographs come from that place. And yes, you are both a photographer and an artist. That final photograph - a stunning piece of ART!

  6. Cathy I love the mushroom photograph. Mushrooms always make me imagine fairies and imps skipping through the moss and using the mushrooms cups for shelter. So if you define an artist as someone who creates art that makes me feel something ta da you have succeeded

  7. Cathy! How many times have I photographed a dandelion blossom, or a dandelion puff? But I've NEVER tried to capture that in-between stage. Your shot is pure magic, and yes, ART. You are indeed an artist.

  8. Okay, face it, Cathy. We all see you as an artist, too.

    These photos just take my breath away. You have done an amazing job capturing these.

    Hasn't this class been a life changing experience?

  9. Artist, yes you are! You have shared some extremely gorgeous images! The mushrooms image is awesome. The dandelion, how do you take a 'weed' that's gone to seed and turn it into a piece of art? (By the way, I love dandelions)
    This was an enjoyable post.

  10. Well you totally rocked it out in that last shot. Don't tell me an artist didn't take that. Amazing. Light....oooh, la, la. I think your budding artist comfort level will soon ease on over to artist, and I think the only one who might argue with you is you.
    Beautiful images today.

  11. Congratulations! welcome to becoming the person you already are.

  12. Wow..Your definition leapt off the page! "My definition of artist: those who create from their heart and as a result share a piece of themselves in their work that can be felt." I love your definition. And, your definition comes to life in your photographs..especially, your last shot in the piece. How extraordinary it is! Artist at work. Beautiful!


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