Saturday, November 26, 2011

Picture Fall - Post 4

I am determined to finish posting my photos for Picture Fall with Big Picture Classes!!!  I need to hurry since Picture The Holidays begins on December 1!!

Day 16 - Juxtaposition
something that consists of two seemingly opposites
opposite colors ~ light and dark
opposite sizes ~ short and tall
I really had a lot of fun taking photos of acorns this fall. I was amazed at the sizes and colors of acorns that fell from the different oak trees.

The new bloom and the withered flower,
each beautiful it it's own way!!

Day 17 - Bounty
especially rich and robust
A bounty of fall leaves; every color of the rainbow, except blue.
Inspired by a photo my daughter sent me.
I had to walk around the neighborhood to find all the different colors.

Day 18 - Muse
what seems to be our inspiration right now
My muse is form. I'm fascinated by nature's form and I love to shoot up close for all the little details.

Day 19 - Scattered
seek out the beauty in things strewn about
My 2 yr. old grandson stayed with me this day.
The scattered toys remind me of the fun day we had!!
The roads and police car were are some of his Daddy's toys.

Day 20 - Connections
observe the many connections in the world around you
All this lichen is connected to one limb, just as so many of us are connected by one common passion, photography!!

Day 21 - Serving Up Kindness
Look for a way to show a little extra love as you go through your daily rounds
Warm banana bread make especially for Mr. H.

Day 22 - Darks and Lights
shoot a silhouette
I very rarely capture a bird in a photo. They're just too fast for me. But this little guy sat still for several shots. I loved the beautiful sky behind him!

Day 23 - The Rhythm of Repetition
look for soothing repetition in our daily routine
Every day when I go outside, I always look at my mums. This is the first mum that I have ever had come back the next year. I'm rather proud of it!!

Tomorrow, will A Week In Review and then I hope to finish posting the fall pictures on Monday!!

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  1. Cathy - what fabulous shots! As always, your nature macros are really quite amazing. The contrast of the acorns and the way they are standing tall next to each other - I didn't know there was such variety. Your bird silhouette, with that purplish-blue sky, gradating to teal, as the background. The navy blue lichen - who knew such colors existed in nature? You always bring a beautiful surprise to my day. Thank you for sharing!


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