Friday, November 25, 2011

Exploring With a Camera ~ Aspect Ratio

As a photographer who likes to get in close and fill the frame with the object, I have to be very careful that I leave enough space around the object for printing. This is called the printed aspect ratio. My camera has a ratio of 2 X 3 which means my 4 X 6 photographs will print exactly as I take them.
When we travel in our 1940 Ford pickup we pull a small trailer for our luggage, lawn chairs, snacks and ice chest. When I took this photo, I wanted to fill the frame with the truck so the trailer would not show. If I were to have this printed into a 4 X 6 print, this cropping looks fine.

What would happen if I want a different print size. If I've not allowed enough extra space, I'll be disappointed in the print. For instance what if I want a 5 X 7. It's too close to the front and back bumper.

Now let's say, I really want an 8 X 10. I definitely have a problem; part of the truck is cut off. 

It's another thing to think about before I take a photo. I need to allow extra room if I wanted it printed a larger size.

If you'd like to read a much better explanation of aspect ratio, visit Exploring With A Camera at Kat Eye View Of the World.


  1. Love your red truck, it must be so much fun to drive! Good examples of the aspect ratios.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful truck! Not to mention an excellent example of aspect ratio. :-)

  3. That is the most fabulous red truck. You must turn a lot of heads on the road with that one.

  4. What a fabulous truck! I soooo want to photograph it! I can see you having all types of fun as you explore the world in that truck. Great example for aspect ratios, it's good to have that in your head, isn't it!


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