Monday, November 7, 2011

Return To Wildwood

 You may recall that a few weeks ago I went on a camera-less walk at Wildwood Park for one of my photography classes. You can read about my adventure here. At that time, I knew that I would love to return when the trees were dressed in fall colors.

I went today although it wasn't ideal.  There is a storm system heading our way tomorrow with possible hail and high winds. I knew what would happen to all those gorgeous leaves; they would be on the ground. It was cloudy, so the sun didn't bring out the brilliant colors of the leaves. I went anyway, I walked, I relaxed, and I took a few pictures.

Although I didn't see the geese, maybe they've flown south, the swan was there. This time, I had packed my zoom lens and my tripod. I haven't used either very much, so this was good practice. I like the reflection of the swan and the colors of the trees in the water.

Swans just fascinate me. Maybe, it comes from my love of the children's story "The Ugly Duckling."

 I was pleased with the zoom pictures. I may have to start toting my tripod around after all. It wasn't too bad.

Fall wasn't as pretty here this year. We had drought conditions this summer that just turned many of the leaves brown. What color there is just peaked this week, and now the storm is coming. I'm a little disappointed I was looking forward to taking lots of pictures.  If we get any snow this winter and the roads aren't too bad; I'm going to go back and capture another season.


  1. What a lovely return visit - I look forward to seeing the winter visit.

    You really captured "the essence of swan" with your closeups of that graceful curving neck.

    I just hate those overcast days when the sky is nothing but a solid whitish-gray. But nevertheless, your water reflections of the fall colors are gorgeous.

  2. Our fall here in Maine has been very subdued this year, too. Your swan closeups are lovely. I'm fascinated by them, too. They are so graceful, and they are not something I've seen many of in my life. They always bring fairy tales to my mind.

  3. These are gorgeous! I, too, love the one with the swan and the colors in the water. I have one just like it without the swan. You've done a wonderful job capturing the swan with such clarity!

  4. Beautiful colours & reflections in that last photo.


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