Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't begin to list the things I'm thankful for. If I did this post would go on and on!
So, I'll keep my list short -
God's love
children and their spouses
God's creation
We are so blessed as a family!
I hope you and your family all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Little Bit Of Ice

A very cold artic blast of air hit our state this week. We'll have below normal temperatures for Thanksgiving. Last year it was in the 70's, this year...highs in the 40's. Big difference! We seemed to have dodged the bullet in terms of weather. We only got the cold air and little bit of freezing rain and sleet. I know some of you have had a rough time with heavy snow and ice. When I saw the icicles beginning to form on the power lines and trees, I knew it was time to brave the cold and get some pictures. Good thing I went right on out, it didn't last long.
My camellia's were quite pretty covered with shiny drops of ice and rain. They are such hardy bushes and love to bloom in the colder weather. It's kind of like the last hurrah of the season.

The wind blowing  causing the ice on the leaves and branches to crackle and pop. It almost sounded like music to me.

You know I love cold weather. Colder weather lets me add an extra quilt to our bed and wear my winter robe and fuzzy slippers. Not only do I enjoy the cold weather, I have the holidays with family to look forward to. Wherever you are, I hope you're safe and warm today!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Walking in The Woods Again

I've missed walking in my woods. During the summer months it's pretty miserable out there with the swarms of mosquitoes and the many ticks.  We also have a lot of copperheads around here that hide so well in the leaves. I pretty much stay our of the woods during the summer and early fall months. Now that it has turned cold, I couldn't wait to take a walk and see what I could discover in my woods.

There's plenty of rotten wood where a variety of lichen grows.

I discovered this lichen growing on a leaf. I don't think I've every seen lichen on a leave before.
I never know what I'll find along the creek bank. This time it was leaves that were once under water and are now covered in sand.

It's always interesting to look for shadows in the sand.

Seed pods are my favorite thing to look for and photograph.

I'm grateful today for the woods I can wander in, for the beauty of nature I can  capture and for colder weather so I can trek through those beautiful woods.
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Spray Rig

No photo excursions again this week. Mr. H's surgery went well and he's recuperating nicely. Actually, he's doing much better than we thought, but I'm still not venturing far from home. We get out and walk each day, but I'm more concerned with him falling than shooting pictures. So, here I go again, looking for something close to home, but something that interests me. Something different than fall leaves or mushrooms. As I walked across my parents back yard, I saw my dad's old spray rig sitting neglected along the property line.

My dad was a painter. He painted many a house inside and out. He was also know to balance on scaffolding and paint water towers, long before safety ropes were mandatory. When he spray painted structures he would hook up his rig and head out.
There wasn't a lot of towing regulations back then, but at least he had a safety chain. Which leads to a story. In the late 50's and early 60's we moved several times.  We lived in a mobile home or trailer as we called it, so it was easy to pick up and move. Just unhook the electrical, water, and sewer, pack a few breakables, tape the drawers and doors shut, and we were ready to go. Dad lead our little procession driving a sawed-off fire engine that pulled the trailer. Mom drove the station wagon and pulled the spray rig. On this particular day as we were traveling down the highway, the spray rig came loose (maybe that was before the safety chain!). It went off the road and into a deep ditch.  Knowing that we couldn't get it out mom began chasing down dad. Evidently dad had the petal to the metal, because we went miles before we caught up with him and had him pull over. Of course, then we had to backtrack to get the rig. It could have been very serious, but we laugh about it now. How mom had to speed to catch dad pulling a house trailer.
Back to the spray rig and all it's rusty parts. There are pulleys and belts that sent the motor spinning...
building up pressure to spray the paint. I know it looks like I took this pressure gauge sideways, but I didn't that's the way it is on the tank.

I wonder if my mom knew dad's spray rig had a devil on it. She probably thought it was possessed when it came undone and went flying off the road!


My dad has always believed a little bit of electrical tape could fix anything. Note the splatters of paint on the tape. 

Paint is splattered over everything including the brake lights.
Dad wasn't one to spend useless money. I guess you could say he recycled before recycling was cool. When he build the spray rig he used what he had on hand or found in junk yards. Notice the brake round. But, hey, they did the job and were probably free! 

I found lots of grunge, rust and textures.



Dad retired many years ago, and the spray rig has mostly just sat in this spot. Only brought out a few times to paint something around the house. It's deteriorating and will probably be taken apart soon, so I wanted to capture a few photos of it.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Finds

Each day I try to get out for a few minutes to grab some fresh air and take a few pictures. As I walked across the front yard near my Bradford pear tree I spotted this cute little creature sunbathing on one of the leaves.

He looks like he has some great eyelashes!

 I wonder if the sunlight felt as good to him as it did to me.

I wonder if my grey hair is as pretty as his in the sunlight.

I wonder what he sees as he peeks over the leaf.
 I wonder if he found a warm cozy spot to sleep last night.
I'm so glad I found him,
so glad I could spend a few moments
observing an amazing part of nature.
The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.”
— Natalie Angier
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Out For A Breath of Fresh Air

It's been ten days since I've been here on my little blog. I've missed it and I've missed reading your blogs. It's been a long, stressful ten days, but we're on the other side of major surgery and headed to recovery. Mr. H has been in extreme pain for several weeks. An MRI showed that he had a cyst the size of a large shooter marble in his spinal column.

We now know why he was in such pain. He had surgery last Tuesday.  The day after surgery he could already tell the severe pain was gone. Now, he just has the pain and discomfort from the actual surgery. Other than a few trips to the cafeteria downstairs I didn't leave his room until Thursday. I was grateful that I could see this beautiful courtyard out the window!  It was soothing to stand and watch the wind blowing the flowers while Mr. H slept.

On Thursday while my daughter sat with her dad, I finally went for a much needed walk and explored the courtyard. It felt wonderful to breath the fresh air. Taking deep breaths, I relaxed for the first time in days. I felt a little guilty that Mr. H couldn't enjoy some fresh air, too. The courtyard was beautiful with mirrored walls, a fountain, and lovely plants.

I sat on the bench for a while and just listen to the splashing of the fountain.
It splashed over a large vase into a pool of water. There's something so soothing about the sound of water. I'm always drawn to it and love to photograph it.
 I felt like I was in a tropical garden although it was a chilly 38 degrees.
The cold air and the greens and reds of the flowers reminded me that Christmas is on it's way. I'm impressed with myself this year, I've already done a good bit of my shopping!!

Heading through the hospital and out the front door I found this wonderful display of pumpkins and gourds; so many shapes, sizes and colors. I love the white pumpkins the best.

And, the bumpy pumpkins come in second.

Between the hospital and the parking deck is another little garden. There were a couple of honey locust trees. At least I think that's what they're called. Their long curly seedpods were fascinating. They actually looked like snakes lying on the brick walk way.

The red leaves were brilliant against the gorgeous blue sky.

A beautiful wrought iron archway led into the garden. This is one of my favorite pictures of my walk.

It represents how grateful we are that Mr. H's surgery was a success.
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