Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hat Pincushion

First off, we're chillin'!!!       Air conditioner is now fixed and cooling well!!!

I wanted to share one of my pincushions.  This one is made with felted wool.  I found the pattern in a magazine and made three, each a different color.  I made one for my Mother, my sister and myself.  I like working with wool and I really like to embroidery. 

Isn't this the cutest little bird hat pin.

I tried a little experiment. I wondered if I could tell any difference in the quality of a picture when I reduced the pixels. It makes uploading pics so much faster. Can you tell which one is reduced? The one on the left is the reduced pixel one. I learn something new every day.

Seeing this little Robin reminds me of Sunday morning. I was outside watering the front lawn about 6:30 a.m. Our water hose has a leak in it that causes a small fountain. There were six Robins in the fountain bathing. What a wonderful site!!  Brings joy in the morning to see God's creatures having such fun!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Crop Day

I had such a wonderful time on Sunday afternoon. I scrapped with my daughter-in-law, Aimee, her mother, Donna, and her sister, Allison. We had such fun! Altogether we scrapped 34 pages. A very productive day, which is surprising considering my AC quit working. We realized it was getting very warm in the house, I first thought we were just working hard. But, after checking the vents, I realized that that air coming out was not cool. I called my husband, who had escaped the house for the afternoon, and he put a borrowed window unit in our living room. Then we added four fans. Believe it not, it wasn't too bad. The outside temp was in the upper 90's and in Arkansas the humidity is always very high. Heat index was in the low 100's. We survived and had great fun.
We were pretty serious about getting our pages done.

 I've been trying really hard to use some of the papers that I've had for a while. I really need to reduce my stash, so I can buy more!!

That handsome young man in these photos is my first grandson, Jake. 
He's about four in the pictures and had just gotten rid of his training wheels.
I thought it turned out pretty cute. 

This next layout has my fourth grandson, Aaron in it playing with his "taggie".
Cutie!! Cutie!!

I've started working on my next pages. They will include my second and third grandsons, Drew and Josh who are three year old twins.

Wonderful Day To You!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Watermelon pincushion

I realized that I took a picture of the "wrong" side of my pincushion. This is what I call the "right" side. I like the light reds that are showing on this side. The other side is mostly dark. That's it for today.

Have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watermelon Pincushion Finished

I love my Viking sewing machine. I use if for machine quilting and any sewing projects I might be working on. The sound of this machine at work is like music to me. I shopped around looking and trying many machines. I almost bought a Brother which I did like, but it was a little complicated to use. Then I found this one. When I first heard it as I sewed on it in the store, I said, "THIS IS IT!!" Very simple machine to use. I've only looked at the owners manual a couple of times. And that was when I couldn't remember which way the thread started on the bobbin. Everything is at my fingertips. No menus that you have to scroll through. Love it!! Love it!!

Now, on the pincushion. I quilted the rind section with a meandering pattern. I'm new to machine quilting, and my meandering looks a little rough, but I think it turned out nicely. I definitely need more practice!!

Then I quilted the fruit section of the watermelon by cross hashing. Much easier, just sew point to point! How to you like this hand shot? I like the self-timer button my camera. But you should have seen the setup to get this angle. Ironing board, box and leaning camera. Where there's a will there's a way!

After the quilting was finished , the pieces were cut out and beads added for the seeds. I didn't have any large beads, so I attached two together. I like the look, it makes them longer like a seed.

Here's the finished pincushion. It is rather large, but I like it. I won't really use it for collecting pins. It's just an addition to my collection! I'll post some pictures of my other pincushions soon.
The old machine in this picture is a treadle machine. It is one that my Grandfather had. It's not my Grandmother's, but just one he picked up some where. He was always bring something home. It doesn't work, it needs a new belt. Someday I may see if I can get it to working.

I enjoyed embroidering around the edge. It's been awhile since I've done any.
I've already begun my next project. It's another pincushion. This one will look like a bee skep, with a couple of bees on it, It also sits on a clamp, so you can attach it to a table.
Pleasant day to you!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trouble In Blog Land

I may not be a blogger after all. I am not computer savvy!! Yesterday's post took forever. First, I scanned the wedding pic to my computer. Then, when I tried to import it, wouldn't work. Blog only takes things like jpegs, not scans, I guess. Anyway, got creative and took a pic of the wedding pic. Now, that works! Wrote the sappy stuff and tried to import the more recent pic. Guess what, it imports this picture above the wedding pic. And, you can't move them around. What gives with that? You should be able to right? Nope, after checking FAQ's. the advice is import them from last to first or go into Html. Which is beyond me and looks scary! Ok, so I delete the wedding pic and reimport above recent. Are you following? Next, I need to move the sappy stuff under wedding pic. Can't do that either. Had to retype it. Now time to add the song. Thought it would look cute centered. Well, when I did, it put two spaces between each line, kind of strings out the song. Went in and took out all the spaces twice, but no luck getting those out. They're still there! Since I worked on it Tuesday, I set the time to post early in the morning. Got up. No post. I didn't specify the date!! Well you know, I might just try this some more. Surely I can learn from my mistakes. Maybe this will get easier. Did you notice there is no picture this time? Will try that again on my next post.

Happy Anniversary

July 21, 1972

Thirty-eight years ago today, Jerry and I were married. How time has flown, how we have changed. We were so young, Jerry 20 and me 19. We met at my best friend's birthday party on Halloween, 1968. There was just something there between us from the beginning. He held my hand as everyone walked from the party location to a friend's house where our parents were. We wanted to date, but I was only 15 and couldn't date until I turned 16. So he drove me home from church (parents right behind us) and then came over to my house on Sunday nights. Jerry was the only boy I ever dated. My one and only love since Junior High. No married life is ever without problems and heartaches, but we weather them with God's help and our love for each other. We are truly blessed with two wonderful children, their spouses, and four grandsons. We give thanks to God for his blessings in our life.

I heard this song yesterday, and thought it fits us perfectly!


There is a reason and there is a season for everything in God's plan

He holds the key to our lives in eternity, and I know I'm held in his hand

And I'm thankful to God for these blessing I see

And I thank Him for knowing my wants and my needs

And I'm thankful that you're here to share them with me

I will forever be yours

I will forever be yours

I've waited patiently praying to God that he'd send me a husband like you

To hold me through good times and help me through bad times

sharing the truth of God, too

And with love and affection our house made a home

With God's hand of protection, by his grace alone

I will walk close beside you and as we grow old

I will forever be yours

I will forever be yours

What God hath joined let no man put asunder

As Christ loves the church, I'll love you

The vows we have spoken will never be broken

Our love for each other is true

God has joined us together to be husband and wife

To be faithful in marriage for the rest of our lives

And to care for each other till the day that we die

I will forever be yours

I will forever be yours

Written and sung by Richard & Janet

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sewing photos

My Featherweight Sewing Machine, which I love. It's a 1952 model. It sews such a straight and consistant stitch. I have always wanted one and then I found this one at a flea market. Had to have it. It was in really nice shape and it sews like a dream. I do all my piecing and assembling on this little beauty.

Strips for the fruit of the watermelon.

Seven strips sewn together and now I'm off to piece the strips for the rind.

Beginning Of My Little Corner

I've decided to take the plunge. I am now a blogger. Can you imagine that? I'm not a writer. In fact, I usually shy away from writing. I struggle over journaling on my scrapbook layouts, for goodness sakes!! Well, I'll give this a try. Today I'll be sewing. I found the cutest little pincushion pattern at Pinwheel Fabrics, my local fabric store. Did I mention that I love and collect pincushions? This one is a watermelon shape. I started yesterday, cut and sewed the strips together. I'll post a picture when I figure out how to to that. One small step at a time for!!