Thursday, December 1, 2011

Picture The Holidays - Day 1

Christmas music is playing.
The tree is up.
The lights are strung.
The boxes of ornaments are out of the closet.
Ready to decorate?

No, not really!
What is wrong this year?
This is rare for me.
I love Christmas!
I've always loved to decorate the whole house!

Could it be the weather?
It just turned cold this week.
Is it the fact that I'm tired of looking at Christmas stuff
that has been in the stores since late summer?
Tired of the commercialism.

Determinedly I open the boxes and pull out the ornaments.
I begin to smile!
As I touch each one,
I remember where it came from.
I find a childhood ornament, now at least 55 years old,
one made by a dear friend,
the ones my Mom made,
ornaments from grandchildren,
my daughter, and my daughter-in-law.
Each one is special!
Then I unwrap this ornament and my heart begins to sing.
This is the reason I celebrate Christmas! 
This is what I needed to be reminded of!
 This is what I'm grateful for! 
The birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour!

I continue to add ornaments.
I continue to smile.
The tree is done.
It's beautiful to me.
Beautiful because of all the memories!

I'm celebrating December
with Picture The Holidays
a collaboration between
Our first prompt was "hanging on to gratefulness."
I will enter into this season with thanksgiving in my heart!

I'll be sharing more of my photos with you!
May your holidays be blest!!


  1. Love the colourful lights in the first shot!

  2. Cathy - looking forward to sharing the holiday season with you.

  3. I love your Holy Family ornament. It's really different - such unusual colors and patterns.

  4. Lovely post and photos! It will be fun to share this holiday season with all of my new blogging friends!

  5. What a lovely post. I can't wait to see more!


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