Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Something Smells Good

This month has been filled with overcast skies and rain. I think we may have seen the sun pop out twice! I'm struggling to find something to do inside. I thought a little baking might be just the thing on this dreary day. Baking will also fulfill the latest assignment for a class I'm taking with Kim Manley Ort. Kim has published a book, Adventures In Seeing. There's a group of us working with her through the book, which will take almost the whole year. This week we're concentrating on our senses. Kim suggested cooking and I agree that's a fantastic way to use all five senses.

I have a favorite cookie that I make each winter. Not only are they good, but their old-fashioned aroma fills my home and brings back childhood memories of oatmeal cookies after school.

Before I go on, does anyone recognize the avocado green Tupperware scoop from the early 70's? Yes, I still have some old Tupperware! The scoop set was probably a wedding gift, because the Tupperware I bought was harvest gold!

Back to baking! Let me tell you what delighted my senses as I baked . . .

SEEING colorful ingredient containers, shiny bowls, shapes of utensils, wrinkled raisins, textures of the ingredients, oven light, golden cookie reflections on foil, cookie shadows under the cooling rack, patterns on the kitchen towel, and dirty dishes.

HEARING the grating of sugar against a knife as I leveled off the measuring cup, the plop as flour was dumped in the mixing bowl, the cracking of an eggshell, the whir of the mixer, the crinkle of foil, my squeaky oven door, the oven clicking on and off, and the kitchen timer.

FEELING the textures of the ingredient containers, the coolness of the egg just out of the refrigerator, the smooth handle of a pan, heat as I opened the oven, the rough hot mat, and the warmth of a cookie as I ate it.

SMELLING the raisins simmering, spices, sweet vanilla, and cookies baking.

Last but not least, TASTING delicious Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies and milk.

I wish you were here to delight your senses. I'd gladly share a few with you and we could have a good chat together! They're still warm from the oven. Hurry on over!