Monday, December 11, 2017

Pioneer Christmas

As I sit in my warm, snug home gazing at my Christmas tree with over a thousand multi-colored lights and ornaments galore, I'm wishing. Wishing that Christmas could be a simpler time. A time where Christmas really meant something. When Christmas meant the celebration of the birth of Christ. Don't get me wrong. Santa is loved at my house, always has been. I'm talking about the hustle, the over spending, the craziness of a commercialized Christmas.

I was reminded of a simpler Christmas recently when I attended a Christmas celebration at an 1880's pioneer village. I thought back to when Christmas meant a fresh cut tree, ornaments made from paper, and strung popcorn for garland.

I was reminded of when gifts were made and given from the heart; maybe a whistle or toy animal carved by father or maybe it was a handmade muslin doll or knitted mittens from mother. A time when a simple apple or orange was a rare treat.

I was reminded when decorations were simple.

I was reminded when love was the center of the home and love was the center of Christmas. 

Do I want long for those days of yesteryear? Absolutely not! I do admire the courage of those pioneers who struggled to make a home in a new land far from friends and family. I'm not sure I would have been able to do that. No, I don't long to return to those days. You see, I enjoy my modern comforts. What I do long for is a simple, quiet Christmas. That's my goal this year and so far it's working. I'm enjoying this season. I've also enjoy sampling Christmas treats. At the village we had sugar cookies and apple cider. They were delicious!

I had to laugh when I uploaded my pictures of these wonderful volunteers who dressed in period costumes and played the roll of pioneers. Check out the pocket of the man in the center. Could that be a red cell phone peeking out? Can't get away from modernism, can we? 

How is your Christmas season? I hope it is one of quietness, peace, and celebration of the birth of Christ.