Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Sundries - Edition 33

If it be not ripe,
it will draw a man's mouth awry,
with much torment, but when it is ripe,
it is as delicious as an apricot.

Those are the words written by Captain John Smith  in 1624 describing persimmons. I've only tasted one persimmon and it did draw my mouth awry. I couldn't get to a glass of water fast enough! I can't imagine them ever tasting like an apricot! When I see persimmons I think of winter weather predictions.

In order to find out the prediction for winter weather you much split the seed in half.

If there's a spoon shape it stands for a shovel to dig out of the snow. A fork shape means a mild winter, and a knife shape indicates a cold icy winter, where wind will cut through you like a knife. I opened ten seeds and eight were definite spoons and two could have been spoons or fat knives.

Looks like those of us in Arkansas had better be getting ready for snow and ice!

You can read more about persimmons and other weather folklore on my blog post from last year if you'd like.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Finding Stillness

I had things I needed to be doing. I was supposed to be dropping books off at the library and going to the post office and picking up Halloween cards for the grandsons and buying groceries, but instead I skipped all the chores and went to Wildwood Park. I blame it on the car, it just wouldn't go where it should. It somehow knew what I needed: peace, quiet, stillness, alone time. It also knew I needed some comfort food to take along and pulled right into a bakery where I found this delicious Italian Cream cupcake.

This is the one place I know I can always find quiet. Usually I'm alone at the park, but this time there were gardeners working in the rock garden, an older couple strolling by the lake, and a lady walking her black Cocker Spaniel.  We nodded, we smiled, we spoke a greeting as we passed, but mostly we were all just enjoying the cool morning and the quiet. 

I enjoyed the walk along the leaf strewn pathways where I found treasures from nature.  I enjoyed sitting in the rock garden watching the dragonflies and writing in my journal. I enjoyed the breezes blowing through the trees. I enjoyed watching the sun sparkling on the rippling water of the lake, but most of all I enjoyed the swans. As I walked alone the pathway near the lake they swam right beside me. One time when I was taking pictures of a heron across the lake I looked down and one of the swans had walked right up the bank and stood beside me. I'm a little leery of them, as I know they can be aggressive and they are really big when they stand up and reach out their neck.  These two just seemed to want some company. Maybe they were lonely or maybe it was near their feeding time. I don't know, I'm just thankful that they were near and didn't mind me taking their picture.

I spent most of the the day there. I even left, bought some lunch, and came back for a picnic. The company was nice and the time was enjoyable. So what did I find besides the cupcake? Peace, stillness, quietness, and a couple of new friends.

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