Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Be Still 52 - Week 42

This week's exercise involved crates. I don't have any crates around here other than a couple of bright plastic ones which definitely wasn't what I wanted. I did remember this old sewing machine drawer and added a few of my wooden spools, bobbins, and spindles.

Bobbins and the machinery they ran on were some of the greatest inventions of the Victorian Era. They were created to manage the piles of thread and yarn that would be used to weave cloth. Each spindle held a bobbin that either released or collected the thread. 

Wooden bobbins can be found in various shapes and sizes since most mills had bobbins made specifically for their machine. When I see these beautiful wooden pieces of history in an antique store, I really have a hard time passing them by.  They just want to come home with me!