Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fog Horn Needed

It seems this January has been especially full of dreary, rainy, and foggy days. I have decided since those days seem to never end, I'd better just go out and take advance of the fresh air!

If you look close enough you'll find a little bright color in the drab winter colors. There always seems to be dead limbs and branches scattered about and most of those have fascinating lichen growing on them. I saw a quote from "Braiding Sweetgrass" written by Robin Wall Kimmerer.  She states that  "when you find lichens, you know you’re breathing the purest air. Pay attention when it departs." If that's true, our air must be pretty good!

I love how the inside of a small acorn is such a pretty orange. Thanks to the squirrels for cracking them and letting me see the inside!

I know it's not one of the prettiest colors, but I love shades of earthy brown. This fruit from the sycamore tree is about one and one-half inches across. Look how much detail there is and how many shades of brown. And, that stem, be still my heart . . . I love it!

When the burr-like fruit matures, it bursts open revealing many small seed-like fruits with fuzzy hair-like structures attached. Their lightness allows the wind and birds, as well as water, to carry the seeds far away. A friend of mine mentioned this looks like a makeup brush. That's true!

You know, the dark colors of fog and winter are not too bad. They lend a sense of mystery and intrigue. On the other hand, I need sunshine a little more often. I wish I had kept a record of how many days this month we've seen sun, but I didn't. I just know the days have been few!