Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Mushrooms Come

From moss and loam
the mushrooms come.

From bark on trees, 
from crumbling logs,

from musty leaves,
the mushrooms come.

From vast pale networks
they shoulder up
without a sound;

they spread their damp
umbrella tops
and loose their spores
with silent pops.

Unbuttoning the forest floor,
the mushrooms come,
the mushrooms come.

Like noses pink
in midnight air

like giants' ears,
like elfin hair,

 like ancient cities
built on cliffs,
the mushrooms come,
the mushrooms come.
                            ~ Joyce Sidman

* * * * *

I wandered through the children's section of the library recently and discovered a wonderful poetry book, Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night written by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Rick Allen. Together they've created a gorgeous book of poems and illustrations about nature. The poems are easy to understand and the illustrations are fascinating. Not only are her poems wonderful, but along with each poem she has nature facts that relate to the poem. I think any child would love this look about nature. I I know I do! It will be joining my library very soon.