Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Picture Fall - Part 3

This is my third post of photos that I took for Picture Fall,
a photo inspiration class from Big Picture Classes.
If you'd like you can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Day 11 - Stripping Down
take a photo and then strip all the color away to reveal the textures
I found this gumball, a leaf, and a little moss bathed in light.

Day 12 - Take Some Time Out
take some time to slow down and enjoy the moment
The day I took this it was raining.
It was quiet and restful sitting on the porch listening to the rain.

Day 13 - Good Day Sunshine
find a substitute for the sun
If you look hard enough, you can find sunshine in the most unusual place!

Day 14 - Unexpected Enchantment
find something that delights us
This enchanted me when I was six years old and still does today! In 1959 I was chosen the first grade Halloween queen by my classmates. My prize was this plastic box camera, original price only $3.75.
Day 15 - Mid Month Message
find a word or phrase that needed to be heard today
I skipped this day. I've taken several of these prompt classes and this was the first day I skipped. I just went blank and never did figure out anything to post. Photographer's block I suppose.
These inspiration classes are so much fun. Each day we received an email with an inspirational message illustrated by a photo. The message included a related prompt that we could interpret any way we wanted. We then posted our images  in a class gallery where others could leave comments. I was fortunate to take this class with a wonderful group of ladies. We've taken several classes together and we've become close online photography friends!!  Not only do they leave wonderful comments, but they all take the most wonderful photos that continually inspire me!!

Big Picture Classes


  1. such interesting pictures and interpretations of the promts. I am so enjoying your progress. It's even helping me look at things a bit defferent, even if I am not photographing.

  2. Colorless photo is stunning. and I sooooo love your little blue camera.

  3. What great images for your prompts....I especially love the light on the shell! Is that a working camera? It is so cute!


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