Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Picture Fall - part 2

I'm glad that fall last longer than the 31 days of our class with Big Picture Classes.  I can continue to post photos from  Picture Fall without totally being out of season. 

Day 6 - Subtleties

Photos don't have to be full of color to be beautiful. You would think that photos of a single coloring would be boring. Not so!  Within that photo are shades of color, shapes, textures and light.

Day 7 - After The Fall

During fall lots of things are falling; leaves, petals, and seeds. We were to look for an image of something that had fallen and find a way to make it more visually appealing and to emphasize the size of the fallen object. I included my grandson inspecting the torn, fallen leaf;  he has a fascination with the fallen leaves!

Day 8 - Keeping It Simple

Photography is all about capturing light on an object. Without light, there would be no photo. We were to find a simple object and use the light around it to illuminate it. I love to take photos of flowers from beneath. I usually find a surprise, like those curls.

Day 9 - What Remains

We were to capture something that wasn't willing to let go. It could have been a leaf that kept hanging on or that flower that has so many stages as it dies. This feather stuck between two rocks caught my eye. It was almost as though it wasn't yet willing to fall to the ground.

Day 10 - Preparations

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen during the fall season. There's those special family meals and dishes that just say "fall" like pumpkin rolls or spice cakes. We were to look around the kitchen and find something that brings us joy. Very hard for me, I don't photograph inanimate objects very well.  But, I tried!! I do enjoy my mixer each time it helps me prepare food.  It especially brings me joy when I make pie meringue!!  It definitely can whip up a tall meringue!!

This class has helped me look for the little things in fall that bring joy.  I hope you will also look and enjoy your fall!!


  1. Cathy,
    I enjoyed following you on your days of fall. My favorite shot is Day 8 - the simple beauty and details against that blue sky - you used neagative space so well here - giving me a point of view that I wouldn't have experienced.

  2. Great shots, love the feather in particular.

  3. I love all of these, especially the fact that you chose to do the blender in B&W makes it so retro. My mother-in-laws favorite color was slate blue, I remember going into a cacti arboretum and taking a shot of an entire room full of slate blue cacti. It has always stuck with me, because the impact, which I didn't even really see until it was printed, -long ago enough it was film - it was so amazing

  4. I enjoyed these very much. My favorite is the feather. I love the light and the detail you captured.


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