Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exploring With A Camera ~ Opposing Lines

The newest Exploring With A Camera  is Opposing Lines. I hope I've interpreted her exploration correctly. Let me suggest, if you would like a more detailed and much better explanation with photos included just click on the link above and visit Kat's web site Kat Eye View Of the World.

When you look at a photo or piece of art, lines can be used to draw your eye to a specific point. At first, I thought the above photo might be opposing lines. But, now, I don't think so. Sure there are lost of lines here, but the line of the stair handrails lead you right up to the top. Your eyes are not really distracted by the steps, balcony and post. Opposing lines distract your eye from traveling in one direction.

The lines of the bridge are opposing lines. You begin to follow them up to the sky and then your eyes vere to the right.

The same thing happens in this photo. Your eyes start up the pole and then, well, they don't know which way to look; diagonally up or down or horizontal.

The boards and their shadows have your eyes going diagonally from bottom left to the top right because these boards are larger and then your eyes follow the smaller diagonal lines the other direction. And lastly, you see the trees above them.

In this one, the bridge sends you eyes across the river; but your eyes don't stay over there. They jump back to the fence that sends your eyes downward to the left corner.

I had to try and find one example of nature confusing your eyes. Your eyes don't know whether to follow the curved stem, the slightly diagonal line, or the straight short lines to the berries.

Like I said I'm hoping I got this right. This was very different for me, I'm not a graphic photographer and that's what I think of when I think of lines. I was pleased when I found images to take and a few from my archives that seemed to work.

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  1. What fun, I didn't realize there was actually a name for that. I just love shooting opposing lines, because they are intriguing. Fascinating. Thank you for the education.

  2. Great examples, Cathy! Love your pole and wires.

  3. Opposing lines or not, your staircase is beautiful.

  4. Fantastic examples Cathy! You nailed this one. I love the pole and wires, and the image of the bridge and fence has exactly the tension I look for with "opposing lines." I think you found more examples than me! Thanks so much for sharing this with Exploring with a Camera.


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