Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Last Leaves Flutter In The wind

The last few days have been dreary
with grey clouds, high winds, and rain.
In fact, we've received 9" of rain in two days!
The leaves are mostly on the ground.
Many branches are already bare,
looking bleak and dismal.
It made me sad.
I've enjoyed capturing the colors, textures, and beauty of fall. I'm not ready for this season to end. Then, I read a post by a photographer friend, Deborah, on her blog Learning As I Go. She reminded me that "to everything there is a season."  The leaves must fall in order that next years buds will form. It was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits.
Today, the sun is shining.

There are still a few leaves on my Bradford Pear tree. It loves to show off the glorious colors of fall; shades of green, red, golden yellow, and orange. It is by far the prettiest tree we have in our yard.

Through the branches the November sky was the most gorgeous shade of blue.

I will not rush this season as the trees prepare for winter.
I will enjoy it until the very last leaf has fallen.

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree
~Emily Bronte~


  1. How colorful and lovely your photos are! Isn't it amazing how viewing the world through that lens can just help put it all in perspective? Thanks for sharing my love affair with leaves and for the link.

  2. Lovely photographs and beautiful colours

  3. I love all those colors on the same tree! This is a lovely post.

  4. Beautiful colours and a great reminder.

  5. Beautiful captures of the autumn beauty -- I especially like the image with the leaves on the ground with just a little bright spot in the middle. I, too, am enjoying this season so much. I drove through a tunnel of brilliant yellow this morning and my heart sang. Happy weekend!

  6. Beauty is every where this time of year. Your shots were great. I know you enjoyed getting out this morning and catching shots of frost before the sun burned it off. Glad you had a great day and I always remember that when the leaves are gone we can look deeper into the forest.

  7. I love the range of colors on that tree Cathy! From summer to fall in one place. Beautiful.

  8. You captured the last of fall so beautifully, these are gorgeous. I enjoyed Deborah's post on this too and her words helped me enjoy the last of fall as well.

    The leaves from your pear tree are my favorite, how nice to have all those colors together like that. Enjoy!


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