Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Final Post ~ Find Your Eye: Journey Of Recognition

When I first began this series of classes, Find Your Eye: Photo Courses With Heart and Soul, I’ll admit, I did not understand what that meant. Then, you ask, why did I take the classes? I’ve followed Kat’s blog at Kat Eye View Of The World for a while. Her images, through so different from mind, appealed to me and touched me. There is something special about them. Her images made me wonder, think and imagine. Kat said her images were taken from her heart. I wanted to know what that meant. I wanted to see if I had the heart of a photographer.

So, my journey began. What I’ve discovered is amazing.

I've discovered the reason why I love photography.  My favorite images are macro (up-close) shots of nature. I’m seeking details that my eyes can’t even see. So why do I want to take photos of them? Is it only out of curiosity to see what the stamen of a flower looks like up close? I don’t think so; I could find that on the internet. No, it’s something entirely different. When I upload images to the computer, I see the amazing wonders I’ve captured. It makes me excited, a little breathless, and stunned. This beauty was created by a loving God for his pleasure. He shared that creation with us to enjoy. That is what touches me and changes my life. Photography has made me slow down, look closely, and see the beauty of creation. Photography has made me grateful every day for the gifts God has given us.

I’ve discovered I create art and that I am an artist!!  It took a lot of thought and soul searching before I could finally say this. This class has given me confidence in myself and in my photos. I feel for the first time that I am a photographer and I’m also brave enough to call myself an artist. I realize that art doesn‘t have to hang in a gallery to be called art. Art is what you create when your heart is involved.

I’ve discovered what it means to shoot from the heart.  My photos are an  expression of what I see and feel. Now, when I find an intriguing subject I take the time to compose a pleasing image by observing it from several points of view and looking for the best light. Knowing if I do these simple things, the image will be the best I can create. I want my photos to express a sense of awe and gratitude.

Taking these classes has changed not only my photography, but my life. I think differently, I see differently, and I photograph differently.

"The voyage of discovery
consists not in seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes"
Marcel Proust


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTFUL and INSPIRING post Cathy! A wonderful way to look outward.

  2. Oh, Cathy, exactly! Beautifully said. And I love that photo, too. It's a lovely representation of your work. I'll be keeping in touch! ~Lee

  3. Cathy, I think the Find Your Eye journey was tailor made for you! I'm so honored and gratified as a teacher that you have come to see yourself as an artist, and see that you are expressing your heart in your photographs. The images you create are truly a stunning reflection of you. I love the one you chose for this post, so soft yet clear. Beautiful details captured and shared with us. Thank you so much for joining the class, and sharing your journey with us.

  4. Cathy, this was an incredible post that brought tears to my eyes. It is so inspiring to share this journey with people who also are learning that they are an artist and you truly are. The image that you chose to share is such a great representation of all that you have learned. It is beautiful!

  5. Cathy, what an honor it has been to share the FYE journey with you. To have been a witness to your claiming of the titles "artist" and "photographer". We have learned from each other and supported one other. I am grateful for the connection.

  6. What a wonderfully inspiring post. So fun to watch you grow through this course, and that you have embraced the fact that - yes - You Are An Artist. Fabulous, fabulous shot also.

  7. So beautifully written. You had me smiling all the way through this! I truly understand what you learned about yourself because I'm there with you. What an amazing experience! So glad we could share it.

  8. The Final Post. I was shocked at seeing these words. My first reaction is that something awful has happend to my sister because I have watched you fall in love with the art of photography. Whoa, was I glad I continue to read. Nothing bad has happened to you, just you have completed one of many classes that you will take. I am glad you have found that love. What an outlet this has become for you. Life is not always simple but when we do stop and recognize the beauty of God's creation it is so full filling. I am going to take your advice and slow down. I am missing way to much. Thanks again for all that you have shared with us during this class session. Yes, you are an artist in many ways. Love ya, sis.

  9. Cathy, What a beautiful post! You are an artist, both in word and photograph. I see eloquence and beauty. It makes me think that our hearts crack open when we connect with ourselves and the beauty around and within us. So lovely to have met you here..looking forward to staying in touch.


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