Thursday, October 13, 2011

Picture Fall

Fall has finally arrived!! You can feel it when you go outside. The air is cooler and less humid!! The trees have just begun to turn and the last of the flowers are blooming. The new season brings a new photo class Picture Fall at Big Picture Classes. I've been looking forward to this class. I love nature photography and nature is beginning to put on quite a show. I was going to keep up with posting my photos for the class on my blog, but I'm already 13 days behind!! I'm going to try and catch you up!


Day 1 - The Quintessential Fall - the most obvious sign of fall is the fallen leaf
This photo looks like I'm very fast with the camera, but I'm really not! The leaf is actually caught on a spider web and was just hanging there. Made for an easy shot!

Day 2 - Get Comfy - capture an image that shows where we find comfort
This is my chair in my corner. This chair is where I rock my grandsons, where I visit with you, read your blogs and watch a little TV. It's a pretty good reading chair, also!!  The cabinet behind is filled with snow globes that my husband has bought me.  It's my favorite place to be when I'm inside!
I am no good at photographing objects!!  They just look lifeless to me. I could have at least added a pillow or a throw or something!!

Day 3 - The Beauty Challenge - we were to seek out beauty in things that are not obvious and are  overlooked
These are wildflowers from the evening primrose family. I know I've posted pictures of the seed boxes before, but I found some with the petals still attached though they are dying.

In the center of the flower are tiny seed boxes, also know as rattle boxes. A hole opens in the top allowing seeds to be spilled out in the wind. They're about 1/16th inch square.

Day 4 - Morning Light - we were to find the morning light in our everyday routine
Every morning it's breakfast, a quick check of the computer for the latest emails, then I put on my shoes and head out in the morning light for my walk.

Day 5 - Little Reminders - There are lots of visual reminders that we keep around our home. Taking a photo of them can make them seem more real.
This book that I'm reading is on my nightstand. I love the title "Every Day Deserves A Chance!"  It inspired the blog post about my Clematis.  This is a small reminder that I choose how I spend each day. It reminds me that "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 188:24 NIV

I would encourage you if you like photography to join this class, just click on the button below and search for self-paced classes.
Big Picture Classes
You should be able to find Picture Fall.  Like I said, it is self paced. You can start anytime you want. Each day, you recieve an email with an inspirational prompt and a photo by Tracey, the class leader. There is a gallery for posting your photos and for receiving comments from other photographers. The comments have always been encouraging and wonderful. I'm taking this with a group who have taken other Big Picture Classes together. I've taken Picture Winter, Picture Spring, Picture Summer, Picture Color, and Picture Fall. I only have Picture The Holidays left in the series and then I may do them all over again. Once you take a class it is open to you forever at no additional cost. I also participate in Picture Inspiration a year long photo prompt group  at Big Picture Classes.

Hope you're getting out there and enjoying these beautiful Autumn days!!


  1. What a wonderful series of photos, Cathy! The seed box photos are so lovely. Fall is barely showing her colors here -- it was 85 degrees yesterday! Picture Fall sounds like a fun thing to do....we will be away from home for a couple of weeks, so I can't commit to anything else right now. Maybe later in the year....


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