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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

House Of The Seasons - Jefferson, Texas

Now, let me show you why The House Of The Seasons is so remarkable. Yes, everything in it was beautiful, but this is breath taking. The home takes it’s name from the cupola where each wall contains a different colored stained glass that creates the illusion of the seasons of the year. I wonder what inspired this man to build such a beautiful home.
This picture was taken at sunset. The sun reflecting through the windows shows the beautiful red windows. We heard on our last day that they do leave a light on at night and you can see the colors on each side. I'm sorry we didn't know about that until it was too late.

You look up from the first floor right above the flirting chair through a well-like opening. You can see to the very top of the cupola. If you look close you can see tiny stars painted on the ceiling in the cupola. Stars, of course, because we are in Texas you know! We were told that the young men in the house liked to jump over this railing onto a mattress on the bottom floor. The girls would hang onto the railing and drop. Several lower points of the railing are broken. I hope it was a huge feather mattress, because these were at least 12 - 14 foot ceilings!

Look at this isn't it gorgeous. The dome features hand painted murals depicting four maidens holding baskets of fruit and flowers representing the seasons. The colored glass can play tricks and give off different color illusions, so the artist who did the restoration, had to work for weeks in the middle of the night with a lamp.

About this time we were told that we wouldn't be able to go up into the cupola area. The steps were very narrow and dangerous. We were so disappointed. But, after touring the second floor the lady who was leading the tour said that if we promised not to fall down the stairs we could go up. We couldn't believe we would really have the chance to go to the top. Excited does not adequately describe how we felt. More like ecstatic! As we climbed the stairs every few minutes, our guide would yell back down, "please duck your head, hold the rail and don't fall!"

It was more fabulous than we could have imagined!! This bench sits around the opening. Look how all the colors reflect. Can't you just see someone sitting there in a beautiful gown reading a book or daydreaming.

The very top of the cupola. There stars are not very big, just a couple of inches, but they show all the way from the first floor. It's hard to tell, but it's painted blue, with darker blue in the center area and yellow stars.

blue for winter

green for spring

amber for summer

red for fall

And looking down from the the cupola.  GORGEOUS!!
My pictures really don't do it justice. The colors were so vibrant and alive. I felt like I was in a dream world with color swirling all around.

See that Widow's Walk around the copula. We actually got to go out there and wall around. One of the stained glass windows raised. So we just had to duck our heads a little to walk outside. So exciting!!

On the front lawn is the largest magnolia tree in the state of Texas over 200 years old and 90 feet tall. Such a majestic tree for such a grand home
My sister and I had the very best time there. We will always cherish the many memories we made on this trip.
Good Bye Jefferson.

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  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures! I would love to go someday! I hope the boys don't hear about jumping from the railings! They may come up with that idea all by themselves in a few years though!


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