Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wonderful Christmas Time

Our family made a trip to our State Capitol to see the lights and Christmas displays. Our Capitol building is a smaller version of the Nation's Capitol and was decorated beautifully.

Drew, Josh and Jake in the front
I'm holding Aaron
 my daughter, Patty
and my daughter-in-law, Aimee
There are three floors in our Capitol with lots of marble steps. What little boy doesn't love steps. I think that's what they liked the best!
This is the best picture I got of them on the steps. They were too anxious and excited to be still!

There is a tree with a giant Christmas ball from each county. Each ball is painted with a scene depicting something from the county.
The ball from Pulaski county was painted with the beautiful Pugh's Old Mill. The mill, which is not a real mill, but a replica, can be seen in the opening scenes of "Gone With The Wind." I thought it was one of the best paintings on the tree.

We were so fortunate the weather was perfect, it was in the 50's!! We toured the grounds to see all the monuments and to see the large, wood carved nativity scene. That was special for the boys to see Baby Jesus!

In between all of our activities, we were able to craft. We made garland, doorknob hangers, and snowmen. The boys enjoyed making things to take home and put on their tree.
Aaron is making a garland with paper stars and pieces of colored straws threaded on yarn.
Josh is working on his snowman ornament. He's my little crafter. He loves to make things.
 Jake, who is very creative, is cutting out pieces for his snowman.
Drew is putting stickers on his doorknob hanger. He doesn't really like to craft a lot, but he does like stickers.
We had a great time and they had lots of goodies to take home.

For one last ornament, I wanted to show you this gorgeous redbird that my daughter just gave me.
Red birds are such a bright part of Christmas. I even have this small quilt  with paper pieced red birds and trees hanging on my front door.

I'm hoping your family had a wonderful Christmas time!

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