Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ornaments - Day 25

I think it's about time that we move away from the "big" tree. My tree is filled with numerous ornaments, too many to show. We'd be here till summer! I'm a nostalgic person and my tree shows it. Everything from vintage ornaments to Pooh Bear...elegant to fun. They're all remembrances of past Christmases. I've enjoyed showing them. I took the extra time to think about each one, about when I acquired it, and about the person connected to the ornament. I would love to take this a step further and make a small album with pictures of the special ornaments and document the details. Maybe I will!! I have so many "I want to do things" that I'll never get them all done.

As a person who loves Christmas, I couldn't just have one tree. I have one big tree and several smaller ones. This tree sits on my entertainment center.
This is my smallest decorated tree it's less than 2 feet tall and is adorned with a collection of tiny cross stitched ornaments. The ornaments are about 1 1/2' tall. Years ago, when I worked we would all meet in our companies lunch room and stitch and visit. Several of us stitched these ornaments one year.
There are Santas, snowmen, candy canes, presents, angels and more. I enjoy this tree, it reminds me of some good times with some good friends from work.

My next tree is about 2' tall. It is in our hallway on an antique table that belonged to my husband's grandmother .
Each year a lady that I worked with made these adorable wooden pins and sold them. I don't wear pins much, so I decided they would make great tree ornaments. I kept this tree at work sitting on my windowsill. My desk faced the window, so, I could see it all day long.
She is very talented. Always painted lots of details, like the plaid on the snowman. The snowman is 3" tall.
The tiny stocking, snowman, and tree on the left are only about 3/4" tall. Tiny pieces to cut and paint. She sometimes added trinkets like the crescent Santa charm. She was a sweet lady and always came by my cubby to see my tree each year. Now, that's one thing I miss about working, getting new ornaments for my tree! Other than friends, I don't miss much else. I love being home!

Can you guess what I'll show tomorrow?  More trees!

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  1. I didn't know the story behind these trees! Thanks for sharing!


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