Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ornaments - Day 12

You can't have a Christmas tree without some Santas. I actually have more snowmen than Santas. I never thought about that, I wonder why?  Could it be that when I stitched a lot of these ornaments my children were grown? Or maybe I just love snow, therefore snowmen!!  Here's a few of my favorite stitched Santas. All of these were kits that I purchased and stitched several years ago.  I think the beads make them sparkle. These are stitched on perforated paper and then very carefully cut out.
I think these guys have the cutest beards!

I've always liked crescent Santas! This one is only about 1" tall and covered with beads.
This is my favorite crescent Santa.
This is not all my Santas. I'll share some more tomorrow.

Oh, merry, merry now are we,
Here's Santa Claus to met us;
Our Christmas joys are now complete
Since he as come to greet us.
Choice Christmas Entetrainments 1924

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