Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ornaments - Day 26

I even have a tree in my bathroom. In the bathroom I have a nautical theme with shells, boats, and lighthouses. So, my Christmas tree is loaded with shells, starfish, sand dollars and lots of tiny red ribbons.

My homespun tree is in my craft room sitting on my cutting table.
It's filled with handmade ornaments and lots on jingle bells. There are fabric balls, button balls, fabric presents, crocheted angels and more.
This wreath is made using small fabric pom-poms.
I think the candy canes are my favorites, because I just love buttons!
This one was made by a girl in our ornament exchange at work. Pretty fabric on tiny thread spools. 
This bell is stitched on perforated paper and wrapped around a wooden thread spool. You don't find wooden spools anymore! I added fabric pom-poms to the top and bottom and then added a jingle bell. I have another one with holly on it.
And of course, my tree needed a quilt block. This is done with paper piecing, so although the fabric pieces are tiny, it's actually very easy.  You have the pattern printed on a piece of paper. You then lay fabric pieces on the paper. The fabric pieces don't have to be small, you trim them later. Then, you sew right on the lines of the pattern.

Another tree tomorrow!

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