Friday, December 17, 2010

Ornaments - Day 21

Glass ornaments always intrigue me. They are so beautiful. Several years ago, I started buying one a year. I usually buy an Old World Collection ornament from my local Hallmark store. They are reasonable priced and yet very pretty. Mostly they are reasonable, I saw one yesterday that was $52! That is way out of my price range.
I hang these two together. A village house and a lighthouse. I love houses and I love lighthouses. I would really like to visit a light house some day.

I liked this little bear peeking out of a stocking full of presents.

I bought this ornament because of some sweet memories. My Grandmother always had ribbon candy in a dish on her hutch. I've bought some ribbon candy in the past few years, but it just isn't as good as Nannie's was. My favorite was always the red, it had a cinnamon taste to it.
What, you say! Another Bear!! Yes, and believe it or not I'm not showing all my ornaments. There are more bears!


and more bears!

I have bluebird boxes in my yard and enjoy watching them. I have never seen a baby bluebird, Momma bluebird keeps them pretty hidden.  But I can certainly hear them when it's feeding time. When I saw these precious little bluebirds I just had to have them.

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