Thursday, December 30, 2010

Treasures On Thursday

I almost skipped Treasures on Thursday today. I was a little tired from all the holiday celebrations. But, earlier today, I was out and ran by the local Hallmark store to check on their after Christmas sale. If you recall, I didn't buy an Old World Collection ornament this year. I just couldn't find one I though was special. Well, today they were 50% off and I found one. This year during Christmas the topic of mistletoe kept coming up. So, this ornament was just perfect.
First, while out with my grandson, Jake, I showed him a tree that had mistletoe growing on it.  He was not so sure about Gramma kissing him under the mistletoe, especially outside. I'd try every time we were under the tree and he would scrunch up his neck and dodge away!  Remember, he's eight, and kissing is yucky!! Then my daughter brought me some real mistletoe. I haven't had any in years. Still couldn't get Jake under the mistletoe. Of course, he does sometimes let me steal a kiss from him, especially at bedtime! 
Here's a little more mistletoe trivia that was on the ornament tag, in Scandinavia, mistletoe was considered a plant of peace under which enemies could declare a truce or spouses kissed and made-up. I hadn't heard that. It's amazing how much we can learn everyday just by reading!! Anyway, I now have a new ornament with new memories to treasure! I hope you haven't grown too weary of Christmas and seeing ornaments. I will never, never be tired of my Christmas decorations!! But, I think I'm through blogging about them, that is if I don't find another great one!

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