Monday, December 6, 2010

Ornaments - Day 10

These are some of my favorites ornaments. Why? Well, they are my first ornaments! They are from my childhood. I don't know how old the bells are, but I remember making them as a child. They were probably made in the late 50's. They are cut from a cardboard egg carton and cover with aluminum foil and then tied together with ribbon. It is so amazing that such a simple thing can bring back such wonderful childhood memories!  I'm so glad my Mom saved them!
I must have liked angels as a child because the only other ornaments I have are angels. We were not a poor family, but money was always tight. So an ornament bought for each child was a rare thing. This angel was originally in a glass ball. But, last year when I opened the boxes of ornaments the ball was broken. It was the thinnest glass I have ever seen. I'm surprised it survived all these years. The date on the bottom is December 1961. Forty-nine years old! I cried a few tears, but then carefully broke off the glass pieces and she still hangs on my tree. I wish I had taken a picture of it before it broke.
And here are more angels. I love this set. They just seem so sweet playing their musical instruments. How would Mom have known so many years ago that I would love music. Music is a big part of who I am. I enjoy listening to music everyday and I enjoy playing the piano and singing.
Hope you're storing up some memories this Christmas!

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  1. I'm sad that your angel globe broke. I remember putting those angels on the tree! I loved them!


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