Monday, December 27, 2010

My Nostalga tree

I'm fascinated by all things vintage! In my extra bedroom, which I call my nostalgia room, I have a lot of antiques including a treadle sewing machine, old beaded purses, items that belonged to my Nannie and Papaw, my mother's old books and much more. Some vintage and some modern, but all with the vintage look. So, when I chose a theme for this room, it of course needed to compliment the room.
This delicate tree has a feminine look. Lots of white lights and small ornaments.

I found the perfect angel for the top...delicate and trimmed with beads and gold. I think she has the prettiest face.
I made this lovely fan from a Christmas card that my Papaw sent me years ago. At first, I wasn't sure I could cut it up. But, now I'm glad I did.  Every year when I put the fan on the tree, I think of him. That's better than just a card laying in a box.
I decorated several small hats I found at a hobby store with ribbons and flowers for ornaments. I luckily ran across a set of small shoe ornaments at Wal-Mart of all places. They fit the theme of the tree perfectly!
I then decorated several small round boxes with paper, ribbon, and flowers to make hat boxes.
There are also several birds and birdhouses in this room. I decided my tree needed some, too. There are several different shapes and I painted them with different pastel colors.
Along with the little shoes I found a package of purses that matched.
 I also made several beaded dangly ornaments.
This was a fun tree to decorate and I enjoy seeing it every time I come down our hall.

I have two more trees to show you. I call them my "Dr. Seuss" trees.
They remind me of the fun shapes in his book "The Grinch That Stole Christmas." They are in my bedroom on the dresser and always make me smile!
I love this sweet little candle holder sitting in front of the trees.

I truly enjoy Christmas and love the Christmas decorations throughout my house. No matter what room I'm in there's a feeling of Christmas. I have one more tree that I haven't really decided on a theme for. This year it just holds ornaments that are kid friendly. I may work on a theme for it next year. The only room that doesn't have a tree is my kitchen. I've always wanted a kitchen tree, but my kitchen has no place for one, not even a small one. I'm OK with that, because from the kitchen you can see my living room and all the trees in there. I hope you've enjoyed my trees as much as I've enjoyed showing them to you!

Enjoy your last days of December!!

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