Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ornaments- Day 18

I think I mentioned yesterday that I love anything Boyd's. Here's a few ornaments just to prove it. Most of my Boyds' ornaments came from a wonderful store called "Country Cupboard."  They have since gone out of business and I'm really sad about that. There isn't any place left in my area that sells Boyds' anymore. I really enjoy these on my tree.

Boyds' always names their bears. This is C. C. Sugarmint. I think he's such a cute jolly elf swinging on a candy cane!
There's a story behind these C. C. Sugarmint twins. My husband has given me several of my Boyds' figurines. One year he went shopping and bought me this cute little elf. A few days later, he went shopping again and bought me another cute little elf. He forgot he'd already bought me one until I opened the packages. I kept them both since they remind me of our twin grandsons!

Elliott with a Christmas tree. I was browsing around on the web looking at Boyds' Bears and saw where this retired ornament is worth over $75. Maybe I'd better start packing them very carefully!!

We all love trains in our family. This is Elmer on his Chugalong Holiday Express.

Casey Whistlestop calls "All Aboard" on the Holiday Express. He is pulling Jingle on his hopper car, Toot McNibble on the gingerbread car, Chillie on the box car, Peppermint and Spearmint on the candy cane sweet ride, and C. A. Boosebeary on the Cool Yule Caboose. Love this little train! These are all retired now. Hmmm...wonder what they're worth?

This is Hope Angelbeary wishing us peace, hope, and joy.

Jingle Mooselberry is all dressed up in his Santa suit.

This one is not a Boyds' bear,  just a really handsome bear all dressed for the holidays. I had to bring home to my tree.

And this is is from Cottage Collectibles. I have a weakness for Panda bears. I haven't been able to find any more Cottage Collectibles around here, either. I just may have to search the Internet, because they sure are cute.

And lastly, another Boyds' Santa bear sending my holiday wish for you!!

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