Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ornaments - Day 22

I went shopping with my Mom to pick up some last minute things. We went to the Crown Shop which is a Hallmark store. I hadn't bought my Old World glass ornament yet. I've checked a couple of stores, but just didn't find any that really appealed to me. I looked at the ornaments and decided on a little red bird. I always think of those as  Christmas birds. As, I was carrying it around, I came across Jim Shores' ornaments. I saw this Santa and just had to have it. I love Santas with long flowing beards. So, I put the glass ornament back and bought this one. Maybe I'll change my tradition of buying a glass ornament to buying a glass ornament or a Jim Shores ornament.
Isn't this gorgeous? My first Jim Shore's Santa!

I don't have a lot of Jim Shores, I just recently began collecting them. His pieces have the most beautiful quilt patterns in them. This is the first one I bought. Love this long Snowman.

The second one I bought. He is a cute roly-poly Snowman. He has brown wire arms, but they don't show up in the picture very well. He's holding a snowflake in one of his hands.

This one I was able to buy at a discount, because the bird was broken off.  I just brought him home, glued the bird back on and he's perfect.

Quilts and Christmas just go together so well. Snuggled under a lap quilt my Mom made me and looking at my Christmas tree in a dark room is my favorite thing to do late at night. Oh, I like to throw in a little Christmas must, too.

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