Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Christmas Trees

I have shown you numerous ornaments from my "big" tree and now finally, a full view of the tree. It's loaded with about 800-1000 lights and too many ornaments to count. I've always loved trees with multi-colored lights. There's just something so nostalgic about them. My tree is a collection of many wonderful memories. I've enjoyed showing many of my ornaments to you and reminiscing. It has made me stop to take an extra moment to enjoy them.

One other tree that is a favorite of mine is my snowmen tree.  In case I haven't mentioned it before, I love snowmen! This tree is on top of our entertainment center with a collection of Santas.

The ornament on the left is a Hallmark ornament and on the right is a little bear in a mitten. Even though it's a bear wearing a Santa hat, I put him on my snowmen tree because of the snowflake on the mitten.

I like all snowmen whether they're long and skinny or roly-poly.

I stitched these snowmen on perforated paper. I like the details of the snowflake and the birds and birdhouse.

As this snowman on the left proclaims, the theme of my tree, LET IT SNOW. There's also a snowman dressed in holly.

A unusal glass cone-shaped snowman and a snowman  wrapped in a warm woolen scarf.

Another beaded ornament and a small snowman hanging.
There's not any special stories behind any of these ornaments, just ornaments I just couldn't resist.

Did you see a white Christmas?  We rarely see snow at Christmas. But, maybe we'll have snow sometime this winter!

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