Sunday, January 30, 2011

Picture Winter - Days 27, 28, and 29

It sure doesn't feel like winter here today!!  Yesterday it was 70 degrees and sunny!   Beautiful, but a little too warm for me. Today, mid 60's and cloudy. You know how I like the cooler weather. But, my Picture Winter photo class marches on.

Day 27
Today, hands were to be the subject of our shot. I decided to recreate  a photo from our wedding day. We placed our hands on top of a Bible opened to the Book of Ruth. Here's our hands almost 39 years later. Our hands have changed a lot with wrinkles and brown spots.  Under the photo in our gallery I added the caption "still together, still in love."

Day 28
Winters can be dark and dreary months.  The beauty is in the details, waiting to be captured. I went for another trek through the woods. I love getting outside everyday with my camera. I see so many new things each day and I pretty much walk the same area. I have two shots that  I really like. I love the colors and the details in them. I couldn't choose, so I posted both in our gallery. Nature, even in the dead of winter is just gorgeous.
This first one  is lichen growing on a tree! I think it's just beautiful! Someone mentioned it looks like coral and it does!
 And this one is mushrooms growing on a tree. To be honest, I didn't know mushrooms grew on trees until I took this shot and then looked it up on the Internet. This bunch of mushrooms was about 12 inches long. It's kind of weird looking, isn't it?
Day 29
Today, we were to seek out our name. However we wanted to capture it in a photo. My first thought was the quilt that I embroidered my name on in the late 1950's. I was probably around 5 yrs. old. I have already blogged about it here if  you'd like to see it. Anyway, I just couldn't find a good way to photograph it so the name showed up well. Then I thought about jewelry with my name on it from when I was a teenager. I liked that, but several others had already posted jewelry by the time I took my pictures. So, I changed my mind to puzzle pieces that spelled my name. The ABC puzzle is one I bought for the boys to play with when thy visit. I think they've all liked to play with it and Drew loves to carry around the "T" because it has a train on it! He loves trains. It's amazing all the creative ways these girls photographed their names.

I have so many wonderful ideas floating around in my head since I've seen such creative and gorgeous photos, that I'm thinking of going back through the gallery and trying some of their ideas. I would like to get 3-4 photos for each prompt and put them into an album or have a book made at Shutterfly. Only two more days and it's sad.  I feel like I know these girls! They're wonderful photographers and they leave such wonderful comments that are so encouraging!

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