Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treasures on Thursday

I love old quilts. There is something so warm and homey about them.  Older quilts are usually soft from use and are just wonderful to cuddle up in.  I have been fortunate to have received several quilts made by family members and friends.  I cherish each one of them. Especially the ones I have that were made by my Mom and Grandmother.
 This quilt was sometime in the late 1950's for my Mom and Dad by the Ladies of Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The blocks were made and signed by 30 church members and family members. I love to look at the fabrics each person used for their block. Usually blocks such as these were made with scraps. I wonder did they come from  one of the ladies' dresses, a child's dress, or another quilting project.
 My sister and I were given a block to sign.  She would have been about 8 and I would have been about 5.  I wonder who helped us with the embroidery?  My Grandmother or one of my aunts?  The fabric is left over scraps from of one of our dresses.

This is my Nanny's block. She was my maternal Grandmother. 
The  fabric is from one of her dresses.

 This is my Aunt Jean's block. She is my mom's younger sister.

 This is my Aunt Marie's block. She was my Mom's older sister.

This is my Aunt Vivian's block.  She is my Dad's younger sister.

My Dad was the pastor of  the church for many years. I was small when we were there, but I still remember a lot about those church services. I remember the dirt road that led to the church. Several miles of dusty driving. My Dad had allergies and would cover his mouth with his handkerchief because, of course, in the summertime the windows were down in the car, there was no air conditioning.  I remember hard wooden pews,  the outhouse out back down the path where if you were not careful you would get in the seed ticks, no air conditioning, singing choruses on the stage with the other children, my Mom rubbing my hair as I layed my head in her lap during the sermon, the good old hymns being sung, my aunt playing the upright piano, the smell of roses that my Grandmother brought, very long vines of roses she would lay on the piano. In the summer there was always the smell of fresh flowers that the ladies brought from their gardens.

It's really amazing the memories that are held in our treasures. I'm glad I'm finally taking the time to remember, record them, and share them.



  1. I don't know how many times I have walked by that quilt and never really stopped to look at all the details. I've read the names, but never carefully looked at the blocks. I wonder if you wrote your name on the block or if it was just stitched. I love all of your memories, especially Memaw rubbing your hair. I have heard your stories of the roses and the outhouse though! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Usually they would write their name in pencil and then embroidery over it. It's also interesting to know that not all the ladies pieced their quilt blocks. For instance, my Aunt Vivian didn't sew, so someone pieced the block for her and then she could embroidery her name. If she didn't know how to embroidery, she would write her name and someone else would stitch it. Mom said she thought several blocks were made from fabric from Nannie's scraps.


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