Sunday, January 16, 2011

Picture Winter - Day 13- - 15

Our snow is melted now! We have muddy yards and dirty cars. I miss the snow, I enjoyed each day walking outside and taking pictures. I took over 200 pictures during the snow! Crazy, huh!! I was glad to have some real wintry looking pictures for Picture Winter.

Day 13
We were to take a picture of our idea of controlled chaos. Since I've been shopping for staples once a month, my pantry can be very chaotic if I don't keep it under control and in some type of order. I didn't realize just how colorful my pantry is. I also laughed at that little rebellious box of Jiffy mix that is upside down!

Day 14
We were to  walk outside and scour the landscape for a bit of forgotten beauty. Then pull the focus in tight and see what we could find. It was suggested that we look for something other than just snow and icicles, but I just couldn't help myself. We so rarely have so much beautiful snow!

This is a close up shot of the snow on the bricks by our front steps. I was amazed at the edge when I pulled it in close.

And this one is now my favorite shot that I have taken for the class so far. I was trying to get a shot of the water dripping off the icicle, but my camera wasn't fast enough. I was also blinded by the bright sunshine this day. I took about a dozen shots of the icicle and then went in to see what I had gotten. I loved this one with the water drop just about to fall. When I cropped in closer and adjusted the contrast this is what I got. I love the sunburst in the water drop and the details of the icicle.

Day 14
Today, we were to celebrate the blues. By taking a picture and then using editing to create a blue wintry picture. I'm a little handicapped here, since I don't have Photo Shop or a good editing program. So, this picture was the best I could do. It is blue and it is wintry.

Our prompt for today involves towels. I'm not inspired yet.
 What to do? What to do?

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  1. Your photos are so neat and I have really enjoyed seeing the photos that you have posted. I am with you I love the ice with the star burst.
    Lv you, sis.


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