Sunday, January 23, 2011

Picture Winter - Days 21, 22 and 23

Time for more photos. The last couple of days has been easier for me. I thought of something fairly quickly. Now getting the right pic was not that easy. I showed my Mom the gallery of today's prompt and she was truly amazed. To see such talent, to see a little bit into other's lives and visit far away countries is just amazing!

Day 21
Now this one was hard. Most winter days are dreary and overcast we have to work harder to bring light, color or shape into our shot. Wow, I was really lost! I'm too new at this. I bundled up, grabbed the camera and went for a walk in the woods. I took about 75 pics and really didn't feel good about any of them. As I was crossing the yard headed back in, I turned around and looked back toward our barn. There is a row of cedar trees and the morning sun was peeking through the branches. I had seen several photos for earlier prompts that had a sun burst or sun flare. (I'm not sure exactly what it is called.)  I gave it a shot and brought a little more light through the tree. I was pretty satisified.

Day 22
I was leaving town to go to a crop meet this morning, so I was worried about the prompt and getting my photo. I was so relieved, at the prompt. An easy one for me. The heart of the table in the home is love. So what is the centerpiece of your table. Ahh, got that one. The centerpiece on my kitchen table is a vase of colorful flowers. The thing that is so special about my centerpiece is the vase. It belonged to my Grandmother. On Sundays, she often picked fresh flowers from her garden and took them to church in vases. I'm sure this vase went to church many times.

Day 23
Today, we were to look around you and discover what's  hanging around to help us celebrate life. She called it "high strung".  It took a little thought and walking around the house, but I finally saw what I wanted to shoot.  I titled my photo "lovingly strung high". It's three dresses that I wore as a child hanging from a shelf. Delicate, vintage, antique dresses, yes Antique...about 56 years old. I've shown my dresses before as one of my Threasures On Thursday,  here. The center dress was my Easter dress made by my mother. The small photo on the shelf is of me wearing the dress. I treasure my Mom, the dress, and the photo. It's a celebration of my life.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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