Monday, January 17, 2011

Picture Winter - Day 16 and 17

I'm always excited first thing in the morning, I jump up and check the photo prompt for the day. Let me tell you, they are getting harder. More thought is having to go into the process. But, that's good for the brain, right?

Day 16
Today we were to to consider ways you can evoke some kind of emotion in a picture incorporating a towel, or towels. Uh, towels! I was kind of lost. Who thinks about towels! But, as I meditated about towels :) I had a fond memory of wintry, snowy days when I would play outside. I would come in with frozen hands and Mom would have a towel warmed to wrap around my hands. I remember doing the same thing for my children. I threw towels in the dryer to wrap around their cold hands and feet. Warm fuzzy memories!!

Day 17
Landscapes this time of year are stark and barren.  We were to capture some kind of starkness today.  So I looked up the word "stark".
stark - barren, desolate, having few or no ornaments
This is hard to me. I think of stark as barren dessert or something like that. So, I grab my camera and coat and out I go. Looks pretty desolate to sunshine...foggy! But, what do I take a picture of? It didn't take me long to start taking pictures. I took 81 in fact, but deleted over half of those.

My first though was an old abandoned railroad trestle at the edge of our property. I liked this angle and made it black and white. I like the way it turned out...barren and desolate.

Next, I found this vine. I seem to like water droplets in my pictures. But this fit the prompt too. It is decorated only with water droplets and a web. I used the macro so the background blurred completely.

And last, this is a picture of my barren wisteria vine against the winter sky. I love the curly branches that look so wild.

I was damp and cold when I came in 45 minutes later, but excited about the pictures. I now have pictures of things, that before this class my eyes would not ever have seen!


  1. I love how Day 16 prompted you to recall a fond memory. Who would have thought taking photographs could make so many connections and run so deep?

  2. These are beautiful pictures. I love your towel story, I'm going to start doing that with my boys. It makes me want to go put a towel in the dryer right now and wrap it around myself.

  3. I think the towel picture is a great idea! I vividly remember you wrapping my freezing hands in a warm towel. I do that with the boys now! I love the trestle picture. It's amazing how something you see everyday can look so different! You're doing a great job!

  4. Hey Cathy!
    (I saw your post on my blog and I don't know how to respond where you'll get it so I'm posting on your blog again).
    I'm so glad you checked it and liked it and left a comment. I checked out your profile yesterday and...we love the same movies! I feel like I've just meet a new friend.
    Anyway, just saying hi, 'friend'.

  5. Awesome I am so glad you are seeing now the wonders of the world around you - it is a shame that so many people are too busy to notice


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