Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 24, Day 25, and Day 26

Slowly we're winding down the month, and I'm sad. I have really enjoyed this!

Day 24 - Obscurity
On Monday we were to take a picture of something frozen, slushy, icy, cold, wet and take it in such a way to disorient our self.Such as, what is it or which way is up. Quite a challenge for me. I did cheat this day and use an old shot. It was dreary and misty with no ice or slush. Yes, wet, but no ideas there! My shot was of the frozen puddle in the neighbor's driveway.
I felt so guilty that I cheated that I went out later and took a few more shots. I like them too.
reflection of trees in the creek

rings from drops of water
it looks icy but it's not

Day 25 - The Magic Machine
Today, we were to find the beauty in the technical. Take a shot of our computer or whatever device that makes it possible for us to join the glorious web. I'm offering my excuses for my not so good shot today.
(1) took husband to have knee surgery today
(2) had to get up a 4 a.m. to take husband to hospital
(3) stressed :)
(4) I just couldn't get inspired today

Everyone was so creative, there were some beautiful shots. Yes, they were of a computer and they were beautiful! I just kept looking at my computer and that's all I computer. I tried to take a shot of the little green, red and yellow blinking lights on the front. Do you know how many shots you have to take to get one with them all lit up. Fifty or so!  When I uploaded it to my computer, I noticed the spot on the touch pad that has worn smooth by my finger. OK, that's a different view and I though that would work. But the shot wasn't to focused, a little blurry. So, I used Picasa to soften the edges. I used to much softening affect and went to cancel, but I hit the "save" button instead. On top of that, I had already deleted the shots from my camera. To tired to take fifty shots again, so, I just settled for what I had, posted it and learned a few lessons. Focus better and don't delete those shots until I'm through. So here it is. The "not so good shot" of my lovely computer!

Day 26
Today was a little easier. We were to find a beautiful mess in our homes. The mess part is not hard, but the beautiful part was a little trickier. I went with my basket of notebooks beside my chair. I have always been a list maker and a note taker. I just can't seem to keep all my notes in one notebook. So the mess is not the notebooks in the basket, but what is inside the notebooks is the mess.

I have to show this picture, too. My husband asked me the other day how many notebooks I had within my hands reach. Here's the answer.
 I have to stay away from the office supply aisles. There are just too many cute notebooks to temp me. This was my latest purchase. It's really cool, it's made from stone. Yes 100% stone. I've never seen pages made out of stone and look how flexible they are!
I think this is neat, but I can't decide what to write in it!

Only five days left in my photo class. I'll sure miss it! Actually, I might get back to my quilting or scrapbooking and quit spending so much time on the internet looking at everyones great photos.  :)

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