Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Picture Winter - Days 10 - 12

It's time for a few more Picture Winter photos.
Day 10
Our prompt was to focus on balance in 2011. We were to take a picture of something balanced either literally or figuratively. I had a hard time with this prompt. I couldn't come up with any ideas. Then, as I was eating breakfast, I saw the oranges and apples in a bowl on the counter. Have you ever watched the show "A Minute To Win It?" Well, sometimes they have to stack fruit. So, I though why not, stack fruit to show a need for a more balanced diet. It was a little harder than I thought to balance the fruit!

We have just had 6" of snowfall in our area. We normally do not get much at all, so this has been a real treat and a great photo opportunity. As I wandered around in the snow, I began to see things that were balanced. Like the snow balanced on top of the garden light. He looks like he has a warm little cap.

I was ready to come in when I pasted our old gym set. I loved how the snow balanced in the gym rings. The rings are about 6" across and the snow had balanced about half way up the ring. It was fun trying to take a shot through the ring, even though it was harder than I thought because the wind was blowing.

Day 11
I enjoyed this prompt. We were to express our love in shape, color or just a feeling. There were so many wonderful photos and thoughts on our love. I love buttons, all shapes and sizes. These buttons belonged to my Grandmother. I sewed them on a wreath that hangs on my sewing room doorknob. I think of her when I pass by. She loved to sew and quilt and passed the love on to my Mother and to me.

I posted two photos today. This one really warms my heart. My 8 yr old grandson has seen the Polar Express many, many times. He's seen the conductor punch words on the children's tickets. He drew my husband and me this picture and used a heart-shaped hole punch to punch his message. Such a special message of love!

I was once again out in the yard and saw where the snow had melted into a perfect heart.

Day 12
In the quiet of the winter months, sometimes the world around us feels dormant, barren, and even lifeless. Look for magic today. Of life. Of hope. Of beauty. That was our prompt. Hard to find signs of life in the middle of winter. I know it's there, but I wanted to find something beautiful. After I had taken shots of "life" in the yard I headed in. I walked along the sidewalk and saw this beautiful sight. The snow is melting off the roof and dripping on them and freezing. I think this is my favorite photo of all I've taken for the class. I was proud of my point and shoot camera. It really took a sharp close-up picture.

Here's one of my other shots. My hostas are still alive under the snow. Last years stems are showing through. I liked the shadows of the stalks. It kind of reminds me of a white sand beach.

I spotted this little bit of moss growing in the crack of a rock in my shade garden.  

 I'm enjoying looking at life through a camera.

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