Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture Winter

The first week of my Big Picture Class is gone. I have enjoyed this tremendously! Not only taking photos and seeing other's photos, but the prompts make me become aware of how I look at everything. Even several days later, I still see things with possibilities or a burst of sunshine colors. I take so much of life for granted. This class has helped me stop and enjoy moments of life!

Day 5
 We were to be aware of what we routinely see or do everyday. The first thing I do every morning is go to the kitchen, open the blinds, and look out to see what kind of day it is going to be. Every morning is different. I see  a beautiful sunrise or storm clouds or rain.  But, one thing that never changes are my "Birds of Happiness" that always sit on my windowsill.  They sparkle as the sun shines through them. These beautiful birds are hand-blown here in my state of Arkansas.   The pink one is in honor of my sister who is a breast cancer survivor.  Each day I am thankful for her health and our blessings.

Day 6
This quote was included, "Everything has cracks in it. It's how the light gets in."   Leonard Cohen

Today we were to capture cracks either literal or symbolic.
I posted two pictures again today. This one shows a crack in my big black flowerpot. You can see the stream of sunshine coming through the crack and shining on the dirt and moss.

My gazing ball's cracked surface reflected the sunshine sending tiny burst of color on the rock.

Day 7 
We were to photograph signs of quiet beauty and rest surrounding us this winter season. It still looked more like fall this day, leaves on the ground and no snow yet. As I wandered around the yard trying to find quiet beauty, I saw this bud on my Camellia bush. You can see a photo of one already blooming on the precious post. It still surprises me to see flowers in winter. Thanks to my daughter and her family for giving me this lovely shrub.

Day 8
Today we were to find texture around our house. I cheated a little.  I wasn't home. I was at my sister's and we were having a fun day. We scrapbooked, went to a vintage bookstore and to a flea market. I saw this chair and thought of the prompt. Yes, it's not in my house but it could be, I loved it!  I loved the cane seat, rough in the center and then smooth on the edge from so much use.

Day 9
We were to take a picture of something from our winter wardrobe that warms us physically and warms our hearts. This is my winter dress coat. I only wear it to church. When I'm wearing this coat home from church, my heart is warmed with with wonderful music, worship, and fellowship.

Things have slowed down a little and I'm going to try to post my pictures from the class more often. Maybe not every day, but at least every other day. 
Enjoy your moments of time today!!

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