Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I've always loved to take pictures. I have thousands of family, friends, vacation and scenery pictures, but since I've been visiting blogs I have been just amazed at some of the photos I've seen. I've been so inspired by these photos that, I decided to take a class with Big Picture Classes called Picture Winter. And, I'm so glad I did!! I was afraid it would be about taking a lot of winter snow pictures. What snow? Not here! Thankfully it's not all about snow. Each day for 31 days we will receive a photo prompt that we can interpret any way we want. We take a picture and then post it in the class gallery. She gives us the prompt, shows an example of her interpretation and gets our mind to thinking. Since this is a class and of course all those copyright laws apply, I don't think I can tell you her prompts, but I would love to show you my photos, what I titled them, and information behind the photo.

January 1 - A Day Of Rest
Today was a day to relax and recover from the holidays. I enjoyed this Christmas season so much, but I'm tired. So, today music, reading and quilts relaxed me. I was listening to Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" and looking at my new quilt book. I actually became so engrossed in my easy, fun day that I forgot it was New Year's Day!  

 January 2 - A Breath Of Fresh Air
"He restoreth my soul" Psalm 23:3.
This picture was to be taken outside. I thought about this bell and crosses that stand in front of the church where we worship. The bell sits near a street corner with lots of power lines, so I had to take a real close-up to avoid them. As we left church they rang the bell for the New Year, a plus for my interpretation of today's prompt!

January 3 - Possibilities
Sweet fabric, my beloved Singer Featherweight - the  possibilities are endless!
 It took me a while on this prompt. But the idea finally hit me.

 Day 4 - A Little Sunshine
It was cloudy today, and I couldn't think of anything to intrepret the prompt.  I was taking down my Christmas tree and I glanced at the string of lights on the floor. There together lay all these red and yellow bulbs. The top one looking like a little yellow sun.

We're able to post up to three shots a day. This was my second photo. When I read the prompt to my husband this morning, he said I should take a picture of our 1940 Ford pickup since it fit the prompt. He had a very good idea. We're able to give and receive comments on the photos in the gallery. I received a lot of good comments about this shot, especially the POV, the point of view. Someone commented on the POV and I had to google that one! Of course, the truck itself brough quite a few comments which Jerry liked. He got up this morning and said, "Any more posts about my truck?" 

I have enjoyed this class so much!! Getting the prompt and thinking how I'm going to interpret it. Sure keeps your mind working. I'm seeing everyday things through different eyes.  Oh, I wish you could see all the pictures in the gallery. They are breathtaking, beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic.  People are so creative and I'm stunned everyday at the way the prompts are interpreted. I just keep saying "Ooooh, I want to try that"!!  There are so many great photographers using great cameras. The photos these talented people are posting are truly ART!!  Yesterday I began to feel a little intimidated, you know, like I'm not good enough for this. I thought of a quote I found.  "Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you've won. You're reward is your happiness." Karen Grunbery. And I have been pleased with my photos. I really know nothing about photography. This is such a fun way to learn. I now know what brokeh is and POV and DOF. I'm learning a lot. Maybe I don't have a great camera, but, I think my little point and shoot camera is not doing too bad!! 

I've already checked on today's prompt and I better start thinking!!


  1. How fun. You are doing a really great job.

  2. Sounds like fun. I love the possibilites photo. That says it all.


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