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Friday, July 2, 2021

Arkansas Quilt Trail #1

 Happy Summer to you!

I hope you're finding ways to stay cool. We definitely need COOL here as the heat index is quite often over 100 degrees!

Some days though, I just fight it and get out a sweat! Yesterday was one of those days. My sister and I went on a road trip searching for painted quilt blocks in Perry County. The actual driving time was cool, but the taking picture time was hot! Thankfully it was a cloudy day which helped some with the heat and also helped with taking pictures mid-day.

Quilt designs have been painted on barns and other buildings for many, many years. In 2001 organized quilt trails that you can follow began in the U.S. There are five counties in Arkansas that have official quilt trails. That doesn't mean that you won't see quilt blocks in other counties or even blocks not on the county list. Counties wanting to have an official quilt trail must have at least 12 quilts. Right now there are five counties in Arkansas with a quilt trail. There are eight more counties working toward that goal Those who wish to have their quilt blocks added to the trail have guidelines to meet and also must be willing to allow strangers (with cameras) on their property.

Quilt Block #1

Mixed Colors

Our first quilt block was  difficult to find. We were at the right address, but after driving deep onto the property to the house we didn't see a block hanging on any of the buildings. Fortunately I had printed out a picture of each of the blocks from the quilt trail website. We saw that this one was nailed to a tree, not a building. We drove back out to the road and turned the opposite direction from which we arrived and there it was. 

Many of the places we stopped had other beautiful things to take pictures of. This lovely garden scene was by the mailbox.

This is the mailbox post. What caught my attention was the heart-shaped rock.

Quilt Block #2

Welcome Home

The owner of this barn, which she believes is called a Gothic or rainbow arch barn, received her quilt block as a Christmas present. She says that "it's easy to see that the sight of the barn and quilt block is like a 'welcome home' greeting."

Quilt Blocks #3 and #4

Dreamer's Weave and Sunbonnet Sue

These blocks have a funny story behind them. We were traveling highways trying to be safe and looking for addresses at the same time. Neither of us see far into the distance, so we were grateful when the numbers were large. We spotted the very large numbers, pulled in the driveway, and once again didn't see the quilt blocks. As we checked the pictures I'd brought of the blocks we began to laugh. Both of us were concentrating so hard on finding the right number we totally missed the quilt blocks. Don't judge . . . we're getting older you know!

Quilt Blocks #5 through #13

The Quilted Barn and Home Sweet Home

One of our favorite stops was at the Double D Lazy T Bed, Breakfast & Barn. Yes! We did see the blocks on the mailbox this time! There were a total of nine quilt blocks on their property. I understand that the owner painted all the blocks herself. 

Patriotic Pinwheel

This quilt design is painted directly on the silo. There's a little story behind this one. The owner tried her best to give this old silo away. No one wanted it, so she decided to make it a thing of beauty by painting it and adding the quilt block. She succeeded! 

Betsy Ross

This one hangs on the oldest remaining "barn" on this property which is her childhood home place.

Dresden Plates

She used a quilt pattern from her family collection to paint these blocks. She says that to her they look more like bright sunflowers than Dresden plates. I agree.

Star Spangled and Flags & a Star

Finally we come to the Bed, Breakfast & Barn. Two blocks greet you as you arrive at the front door. The front porch is so pretty and fun! I say fun because that is one funny lady on the left of the door.

By holding my camera against the door glass, I was able to take a peek inside. 

Not only did she have quilt blocks, but she had yard art.

More art.

Quilt Block #14

Mariner's Compass

This was one of my favorite quilt blocks. Not only is it beautiful, but the home and yard were beautiful too! The owner of this block had a special story about her block. "Compasses are used not only by mariners by also by Aviators. The Mariner's Compass was chosen as a fond reminder of many years my husband spend as a USAF Navigator in the C-130 airplane."

Is this not the cutest way to have your name and street number posted?

The flowers in her yard were huge and gorgeous.

This is going to be all I show today. I don't want to bore you with tons of pictures. I'll do another post soon with the rest of the quilt trail blocks.

More information on Arkansas' Quilt Trails can be found here.

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Update: Ten more pictures have been added to my 100 Day Project page. Scroll back up to the top and look right under the header. You'll see a tab that will take you to that page. I'm slow about getting these posted so you will see some ice!


  1. What a cool idea! I really enjoyed touring with your Cathy - thanks

    1. It was such a great reason to travel down county roads and highways!

  2. What a wonderful trip you did with your sister, Cathy. I loves seeing the different quilt blocks in the their different settings, but have a special soft spot for the beautiful house with the Mariner's Compass! I also love the red barn with the Dresden Plates. I shall look forward to seeing more quilt trail blocks! Now I'm going to follow your link to the Arkansas' Quilt Trails!

    1. The house with Mariner's Compass was so very beautiful. Her use of complimentary colors with the house paint and flowers was so impressive. On top of that, this house is on lake front propery! She had a beautiful view, too!

  3. What an interesting post, Cathy! I had no idea there were such things as quilt trails, but it sounds like a lovely way to spend a day with your sister as you search for them. Really love the ones on the sides of the barns and the old silo, but they are all very special. So sorry about your heat--I hate to tell you that it is 71 here now in Pennsylvania and absolutely glorious. Happy 4th to you and your family!

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  7. Cathy, I loved this quilt block post. I didn't know these actually existed. Thank you for braving the heat!

    1. I've know there were quilt trails in Arkansas, but I had no idea there were so many! I'm looking forward to exploring a new trail as soon as the humidity and heat goes doan a little!


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