Monday, June 16, 2014

Ready To Go...

I've spent over a week resting up from our family vacation. I finally felt like going again...not on vacation...but, at least out with my camera to enjoy this Monday morning.  Morning was all I could noon it was 91 degrees and humid and I was tired again!

I didn't realize how tired I would be after
  • keeping up with Gramma's guys,
  • climbing to the top of the USS Alabama battleship,
  • walking through underground tunnels at historic Fort Gaines,
  • strolling the trails at a bird sanctuary,
  • spending the afternoon at the sea lab, and
  • swimming in the ocean. (yes that is me...that little dot way out there...I told my daughter to take my picture in the ocean, but don't come any closer!)
I was totally worn out and that's just a fraction of what we did while on vacation at Dauphin Island, Alabama. Anyway, I think I've made it back to normal!
As I mentioned at the top, I did get out with my camera this morning. I needed some pictures of water for a photo prompt, so I went to the Old Mill in North Little Rock, which is an authentic reproduction of an old water-powered grist mill. This beautiful mill appears in the opening scene of the classic 1939 film Gone With The Wind. Built in 1933, it was designed to look old so it would appear as if it was built in the 1800's.
It's in a pretty city park with flower gardens, water splashing, birds singing, and shade!

Although I only spent the morning there, it was a much needed source of photography inspiration. I kind of lost my incentive after being on vacation. There was so much beauty to capture on Dauphin Island and back home, well it seems kind of dull!
I hope you're not to tired of my vacation pictures, you have to understand it's been a very, very long time since I've been on vacation and we were at such a beautiful location!
Hope you had a great Monday!


  1. Such a gorgeous old mill, love all the stone and the green surrounding it.

  2. It always takes a while to get back into things again after being away. Nice to be able to rest up for a week after your holiday! I love the old mill and the tiny glimpses of water shots. Have a lovely week!

  3. A well deserved vacation for you my friend. The tunnel looks like the one we just did on the asylum tour. That is funny that the mill was built to look old, since it was built in 1933, it is old now. I love that classic stone look.

  4. We just spent a weekend with our grandson in Columbus, Ohio - and both my husband and I were completely worn out from the experience - and we have only ONE little guy to keep up with :) So I understand the need to rest up from vacation :)

    Love your mill images - such an incredibly beautiful building.

  5. i'm so happy to see you back after your vacation! and i totally understand that bit of slump we you get home. but these are wonderful shots. you capture your neck of hte woods so wonderfully!

  6. I never had any doubt that you'd find your mojo! And that mill! Well ... what's not to love?

  7. I can understand that you'd be exhausted, but it looks well worth it! The water mill photos look amazing! I wish I could be there to hear the sounds. I am glad you're out exploring with your camera again AND resting and recouping after a fun trip.


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