Thursday, April 28, 2011

Treasures On Thursday

Finally I'm back to my treasured quilts. When I think of quilts I think of many things, warmth, comfort,  beauty, and colors. When I think of  a quilt made by one of my family members, I think of love. These were made with love by my Mom for me.

This first quilt is called Colonial Ladies. Mom gave it to me in 2001. The blocks are hand appliqued and embroidered.
Each ladies dress is decorated with lace and she is holding something different in her hand, like a mirror, a fan, a book, a hankie, or a purse.
 Mom love to quilt by hand. She's spends so many hours on finishing each quilt. Hand quilting is definitely a labor of love! Here's an example of her quilting on the sashing.
This is what the back looks like. It's pretty neat the way you can see the outline of the ladies.

Mom made this one for me in 1997 because she knows I love bears. It's called Teddy Bear Fashion Parade. Each bear is hand-appliqued and then embellished with buttons, lace or little bits of clothing. It's also hand-quilted.
 I love this little train button. She added this because my son has always loved trains.
 This one wears a cute little denim vest.
 She backed this one with a cute bear fabric.

This Dutch Doll quilt is a treasure for two reasons, the Dutch Doll blocks were made by my Grandmother and then my Mom put the blocks together and quilted it. Most of the fabric in these blocks would have been from the 1950's.

Mom gave me this lap quilt in 2009. She has been working hard at using up her stash of scrap fabric. She made this string quilt with nothing but scraps. I love scrap quilts, there are so many delightful fabrics.
I will treasure my quilts and each time I look at one or use one, I will be reminded of the love of my Mother!


  1. I love your quilts. I had forgotten that mom made you a bear quilt. I will have to take a closer look at it.

  2. These quilts are amazing, definitely something worthy of the title "Treasure"!

  3. I had forgotten about the teddy bear quilt! Such special keepsakes!


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