Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

Easter is one of my favorite days! The special day that we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Our Sunday services were wonderful! The children's choirs sang, we had a violin special by a young girl and then the Penn family sang two beautiful songs. It was a wonderful song service that prepared us for the  message.
We took a few photos after church while everyone was still dressed up. Aaron looked so handsome in his Easter clothes!
Gramps, Gramma and Aaron
Aaron with Mommy (Aimee) and Daddy (Randy)
They came over in the afternoon for an egg hunt. This was really Aaron's first year to hunt eggs outside. He was sick last year and had to stay inside. I  must say he was very quick to find those eggs. He ran across the yard, "there's a blue one" or "there's an orange one." I think they should have been hidden a little harder!
 Some of the eggs had prizes in them. This one had a little car in it!
Checking out the eggs in his bucket. I think he needs a few more!
 I wonder if this orange egg has a prize in it.
I loved this photo. There's such a sparkle in his eyes and a beautiful look on his face. He's watching his Daddy open the orange egg to see if there is a prize in it! There was, some money!
We had a great time. I've missed seeing little ones hunt for Easter eggs. I love their joy and excitement as they find the eggs.

Hope your Easter was a great one. We enjoyed ours, even though we missed our other grandchildren. But, on the bright side, they'll be here this weekend and we'll have an egg hunt with them. I wonder if any of the eggs will have prizes in them.

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