Friday, April 1, 2011

Jake, Drew, Josh and Aaron, do you see what I see??

Gramps and I walked outside and he said, "What's that in Mr. Henderson's back yard by the woodpile?" I looked...could it be?? Is it really what I see?? That little brown spot on the green grass, what is it?

It's so far away!! What if I creap up closer. Then I'll be sure! I have to be sure! I quietly crept up close to the woodpile so he wouldn't see me.

Oh yeah!! It is what I think it is...that little brown spot by the woodpile!
Is it the Easter Bunny? Or maybe one of his many helpers?

He keeps looking around. What is he looking for?

I know! I know! A good place for the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs!
Keep your eyes open, you might see the Easter Bunny's helper at your house!


  1. Josh "Yay! That means it's almost 'ooster' egg time!"

    Jake guessed pretty quickly that it was a bunny. Then he began to run around crazy "looking" for Easter eggs.

    He is a cute little bunny.

  2. Drew said it was not the Easter bunny, it was a rabbit! Sorry Gramma, you'll have to keep looking for the Easter bunny and his helpers.


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